NFT Enthusiast? You Might Have Been Airdropped $2200!

The cryptoverse just keeps on giving. Here’s how to check eligibility for and claim NFT PAINT tokens worth $2200! If you have interacted with Rarible and opened an account there in the past year, continue reading.

MurAll (from a painting made on a wall) is a blockchain based collaborative art initiative that allows everyone to draw. It’s built on the principle of openness and censorship resistance. The requirement to draw – PAINT token.

Once made, the NFT painting is permanent and immortalized on the blockchain by burning PAINT token and creating deflationary supply shock. It can be drawn over only 21,000 times, after which PAINT will run out.

Now, MurAll dropped old Rarible users a certain portion of the supply. To check if your wallet qualified, simply visit MurAll.

Landing Page - MurAll
Landing Page – MurAll

Click Connect Wallet on the top right. Use MetaMask for convenience.

Connect Wallet - MurAll
Connect Wallet – MurAll

Click on the PAINT token icon and check your claim.

Claim Check - MurAll NFT
Claim Check – MurAll

Click Check and claim if you have NFT tokens pending, you have to spend a little gas. Even though, the token issuance seems to be random, it’s generally ~1048576 PAINT tokens, which at the present rate is ~$2200!

PAINT NFT Tokens - CoinGecko
PAINT Tokens – CoinGecko
NFT Enthusiast Airdrop
NFT Enthusiast Airdrop© Cryptoticker

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