New Crypto Trading Opportunities: Dobi Exchange Re-Lists Quantum Resistant Blockchain-Based IlCoin Crypto

Featured – Effective May 25th, 2019, Dobi Exchange re-listed ILCoin, opening up new trading opportunities surrounding this innovative quantum resistant blockchain project.

As the bulls continue pushing the overall cryptocurrency market cap higher and higher following a prolonged “crypto winter”, both beginner and experienced traders will inevitably be seeking new and exciting trading opportunities in the crypto markets. One such opportunity that warrants keeping an eye on is quantum resistant blockchain project ILCoin, which resumed trading on Dobi Exchange as of May 25th, following a short hiatus during which it updated its source code and successfully forked.

ILCoin project has been recently announcing numerous listing agreements with digital asset exchanges around the world. Needless to say, the revolutionary quantum resistant blockchain project has an insatiable appetite for growth, fuelled by the team’s passion for promoting superior technology.

In listing its cryptocurrency on Dobi Exchange, ILCoin will be well-positioned to access new investors, tapping into Dobi’s strong network. The exchange boasts over $1.9B USD in trading volume and shares ILCoin’s strategic focus on innovative technology, making them excellent partners.


ILCoin Overview

ILCoin utilizes SHA-256 technology to drive unparalleled innovation through its industry-leading Command Chain Protocol (C2P) – a quantum resistant blockchain consensus protocol, enabling the project to “future-proof” its cryptocurrency against the threat of quantum computing – a significant competitive advantage over other cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, ILCoin provides cloud- and platform-based wallets for OSX, Android, and PC users, as well as a proprietary block explorer.

Whereas Bitcoin leverages the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus protocol, ILCoin’s team has prioritized the development of a quantum resistant blockchain from the outset, foreseeing that this would become increasingly important for protecting cryptocurrencies against the risk of a 51% attack.

What Is Dobi Exchange?

Boasting a solid performance track record and a beautiful user interface, Dobi Exchange focuses relentlessly on accessibility, striving to be the de facto quick, secure, and simple trading platform for every type of user. Unlike many techie-oriented crypto exchanges, Dobi Exchange prides itself on its lack of steep learning curve in getting started.

In addition to its cryptocurrency exchange business, Dobi also manufactures and distributes ready-to-assemble crypto ATMs. These tech-forward machines can be custom-tailored to accommodate virtually any specifications, and they facilitate functionalities including fiat deposits and fingerprint recognition.

As if those offerings weren’t enough, Dobi Exchange also owns Moving Cloud Coin’s consumer wearables, enabling users to earn tokens as they walk. All of these products and services are made possible by Dobi Exchange’s Blockchain R&D Centre, along with its experienced and talented team of professionals.

Speaking to ILCoin’s relisting on Dobi Exchange, Norbert Goffa, the Executive Manager, stated: “We are hoping for and anticipating large volume on Dobi Exchange. They are a top cryptocurrency exchange with good marketing, gaining popularity day by day. Best of all, the exchange’s interface is user-friendly, increasing accessibility for our ILC coin.”

ILCoin Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

The quantum resistant blockchain platform is certainly on track to positioning itself for mass cryptocurrency adoption. As ILCoin continues to strike partnership deals with various digital asset exchanges across the globe, the project’s potential upside appears virtually limitless.

Boasting an incredibly talented and well-versed team of professionals, ILCoin project is at the cutting-edge of the next era of blockchain companies via its quantum resistant C2P protocol.

Further details about ILCoin’s plans be found on the project’s website and through the dev team in their Telegram channel.

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