NBA’s Spencer Dinwiddie Raising $25M In Bitcoin From Fans So They Can Choose His Next Team

American professional basketball player, Spencer Dinwiddie is raising nearly $25 million worth of Bitcoin from fans and will allow them to pick his next team. Should the campaign fail, though, the current Brooklyn Nets guard plans to give all bitcoins for charity.

Dinwiddie To Raise Bitcoins

The 27-year-old basketball player is under contract with the New York team at least until the 2020-21 season. Before the suspension of the NBA season, he was enjoying his best year yet, averaging 20.6 points, 6.8 assists, and 3.5 rebounds per game.

Despite the impressive statistics and his contract, he is already looking ahead for his next NBA destination. Interestingly, he plans to let the fans decide his following career move.

Earlier this week, he tweeted that if fans fundraised 2625.8 bitcoins (worth about $24.7m now), he would sign a minimum contract for his next deal with a team of their choosing. Later, he doubled down on his promise and created a GoFundMe page, which has already attracted $690 at the time of this writing.

“I’m simply creating this GoFundMe as my commitment to my previous tweets. As of now 2625.8 BTC is roughly equivalent to $24,632,630 USD. If we hit the target, then I will allow the fan base to determine my next team decision and sign a one year contract at that destination.

If we do not hit the target goal, then I will be donating 100% of this campaign to charity. Fan engagement comes in all shapes and sizes, lets (sic) have fun folks!”- he explained.

He later added that shoe companies and endorsers influence team decisions all the time, and he wants the fans to do the same now. Dinwiddie hopes “no owners/team personnel participate, so there’s no impropriety on this one of a kind endorsement deal.”

Dinwiddie, NBA, And Digital Currencies

This is not the first time when the popular NBA player has mentioned the primary cryptocurrency or was connected to other forms of digital assets. In 2019, reports indicated that Dinwiddie was planning to sell digital tokens tied to his $34 million contract extension, or at least a part of it.

In 2014, Sacramento Kings became the first NBA team to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. The Dallas Mavericks followed the move years later. Team owner Mark Cuban, however, recently said that the Mavs had received in total about $130 worth of Bitcoin.

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