MXC Exchange: A User friendly Crypto Exchange

[PRESS RELEASE] 2018 is the first year of blockchain application. Some people earned a lot, and some people lose everything in this year. Although risks and opportunities coexist, it is particularly important for users to reduce risks and choose a trustworthy exchange under the complicated market.

So, what does a trusted exchange look like?

  1. Strict trade guarantee

Provide a safe financial environment for users, combine technical means with risk control to avoid the problems of theft and loss of funds due to human reasons, provide a sufficient guidance environment for novice traders, provide complete market information neutrally, and try to avoid risky investment transactions.

  1. Stable trading environment

Speed up trading, cancel capital restriction, and avoid problems such as restricted money withdrawal; establish a fair-trading environment to make the process of each digital currency and transaction faster and more transparent. Transmit market information to the traders on time, fully protecting the trader’s right to know.

  1. Abundant trading targets

With abundant trading pairs, we can find emerging digital assets and derivatives in the market besides the mainstream currencies.

  1. Outstanding circulation performance

With abundant trading volume and sufficient trading depth, we can match the counterparty at any time, and reflect the real market value of the trading target with data.

  1. One-stop service

It has powerful ecological derivative services, from OTC to currency trading, and to data services, we can also provide useful and efficient API interface to meet the different needs of users; break the barriers of communication between users and platforms, and establish a customer service system that can make users feel secure and satisfied.

The blockchain industry will tend to be standardized and the market will become more mature. Next, we will see the emergence of clearer regulatory models for blockchain industry in various countries and regions. In this environment, the exchanges, as the leading agency of the digital currency industry, urgently need to reconstruct the industry value consensus. Therefore, the exchange that can be the first to realize this, achieve their own management norms, and assume the corresponding social responsibility, can be fearless facing rises and falls of the market.

In this regard, the MXC Exchange is full of confidence.

According to reports, MXC’s technical team has built a set of exclusive top security wind control system and anti-DDOS attack system based on years of rich experience in the digital assets industry. It designed security based on multi-signature, offline signature, hierarchical architecture and other technologies to store platform digital assets in a “cold wallet” and escort every investor in their critical segments.

Moreover, in MXC ecosystem, MX holders can enjoy a series of rights and interests, such as appreciation of MX token assets, the return of platform revenue, supervision, voting and so on.

In addition, in order to enhance the user experience, MXC will also change the original passive service mode of the market, actively design some applicable and innovative products, and strive to create a leading global blockchain asset trading platform with outstanding security, performance and users’ experience.

Fetch. AI, which has recently received considerable attention, is also the first token issued by MXC Lab. The difficulty to get Fetch.AI is believed to have been heard of by everyone. Some people in the community are already doing the business of buying proxy and KYC proxy. In order to ensure user experience, MXC has done the following three things:

1, No VPN needed for registration;

2, KYC on the same day;

3, High individual limit.

All in all, it’s all about lowering the snap-up threshold and improving the user experience.

MXC team said: “A good exchange, in addition to saving time, they also need to do things. In addition to eliminating the worries of investors, we should also strive for opportunities for investors, so that we can all be better off.” In this way, the future performance of MXC is to be seen.

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