MinexPay Launch Public Testing of its Web Wallet Crypto Cards

MinexPay Launch Public Testing of its Web Wallet Crypto Cards

Chain2Pay, a subsidiary of MinexSystems blockchain platform, has started the public testing of the Minex Web Wallet for MinexPay and all Minexcoin token holders have been invited to join the operation.

The Minex Web Wallet

MinexSystems blockchain project created the Minex Web Wallet for the MinexPay platform to foster a seamless and frictionless conversion of fiat to cryptos and vice versa.

Commenting on the latest development, Boris Shulyaev, CEO of MinexSystems reiterated that:

“We want to provide a seamless and frictionless service for any customer, wherever he or she is. MinexPay is the only solution designed to work globally. We believe that cryptocurrency holders want to use their crypto funds as ordinary money. This is why we focused on the MinexPay Web Wallet service first, with the card as a financial management instrument.”

In essence, it is safe to say that a plastic debit card is not an essential component of Minexay but Minex Web Wallet.

The MinexSystems team is focused primarily on establishing on making the Minex web Wallet as robust as possible, to enable users to make fast payments without stress.

The MinexPay platform is built to work with all types of bank payment methods and connect it to the Minex Web Wallet, irrespective of the card issuer.

“We may also consider connecting users’ existing cards to the MinexPay system in the future,” added Boris Shulyaev.

Public Beta Testing

In a bid to ensure the entire system functions without errors and bugs, MinexSystems have launched a public beta testing of its platform with bak debit cards made by Ukraine’s PrivatBank.

While the bank cards are not cryptocurrency cards, as the team says cryptos will not be sent to users’ bank accounts, they have however made it clear that the MinexSystems liquidity providers will handle the exchange from cryptos to fiat.

This way, the team can test the platform without running afoul of regulation.

If all goes as planned, after the successful testing, users will be issued with new Minexpay branded cards.

For more details on how to participate in the beta testing, interested users are required to join the MinexPay telegram channel https://t.me/minexcoin or contact [email protected]

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