Message From Above? Satoshi’s P2P Profile Posted One Word


  • Satoshi Nakamoto’s P2P profile has just had sent an update on his P2P, consists only of the word “nour”, quotation marks included.
  • Many are now questioning whether this is the real Nakamoto, as his profile suspected of being compromised four years ago.

Satoshi Nakamoto, a person or a group that is responsible for the creation of Bitcoin around ten years ago, has always been a mysterious figure. Nobody knows who this person or entity is, and even whether it is a person or an entire team of developers. The mystery deepened when Nakamoto disappeared in December 2010, almost two years after Bitcoin’s whitepaper was released.

Nakamoto has only had one short return when he appeared in a chatroom in 2014, but this was just to deny specific claims that his identity being discovered.

Recently, Satoshi’s profile has allegedly made another comeback by simply updating his P2P, consisting of a single word — “nour” — quotation marks included.

“nour”. Satoshi’s P2P Profile

Was it the real Satoshi?

While there is, of course, the option that this is a hacker that has compromised Nakamoto’s profile, there is also a possibility that this is, in fact, real Satoshi. If so, the possibility launched an entire series of questions, such as why make a return? Why now? Why on the previously hacked platform? Does this have anything to do with a recent BCH situation or the market crash?

Almost immediately after the update was made, numerous parties attempted to establish contact with the P2P profile via his e-mail address. However, such attempts failed because the address is inactive. This might mean that there is a new e-mail account associated with Satoshi’s P2P profile. If true, that would make it even more difficult to determine whether or not this is the real person.

It would also increase the odds of this Nakamoto being a fake, as it might very well be an alleged hacker from 2014. And, of course, maybe it is something else entirely. All that the community now has is one word placed within quotation marks, a lot of questions, and an unlimited amount of ideas and speculations regarding what this move might mean, and who made it in the first place.

No matter whether this is the real Nakamoto or a hacker posing as him, the fact remains that the entire crypto community got excited after this mysterious update was made. All eyes in the digital currency space will be paying close attention to Satoshi Nakamoto P2P profile for a while now, awaiting new updates, potential announcements, and maybe even a few answers.

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