Announces Start of Token Sale Announces Start of Token Sale

The Membrana Blockchain platform is a trust management digital asset platform with the intention of bringing together traders and investors for mutual blockchain–protected contracts for trust management and cryptocurrency.

A Digital Asset Platform

The Membrana platform provides traders and investors with a decentralized and secure system, which controls the process of concluding and executing contracts up to the point of revenue that is gained by both parties.

The Membrana platform rests on four pillars, namely:

  1.    Safe Transfer of Funds in Trust Management- The primary purpose of this feature is the transfer of an investors exchange account to a trader in trust management, an API key provided by the exchange is customarily used.

The API key is meant to be stored on the Membrana’s platform database and not transferred to the trader.

The trader trades on a crypto asset exchange through the Membrana single trading terminal.

In essence, the trader does not have access to the investors’ asset, all investors funds remain on an exchange account and not transferred to the trader.

  1.    The Contact between investors and traders- An Ethereum smart contract is used to conclude transaction between the traders and the investors. Traders consideration is reserved in a smart contract, in advance, and automatically paid upon reaching the targeted profit set in percent of the amount transferred in trust management, or upon expiration of the smart contract term


  1.    Distribution of Investors Assets Among Several Independent Traders-  The platform consequently allows the investors to transfer to the trader, as it is stated in the contract terms. The other funds remain solely under the direct control of the investor and can be used for independent trading, transfer to other traders or withdrawal from an exchange account.


  1.    Confirmation of Past Traders Profitability using Blockchain-  All forms of transactions conducted on the Membrana platform is saved to the database. The stored information is then used to calculate the trader’s success using indicators, such as ROI, rating, etc. The indicators will be provided to investors, giving them a greater ability to select suitable traders.


The Membrana blockchain platform uses the distributed ledger technology to validate trader’s details. In other to do this, the hash sum of tyen traders daily transaction is saved in the blockchain Ethereum Smart contract.

Membrana Token sale

The pre-sale has been on since on the 10th of December. To take maximum advantage of the bonus of up to 70%, visit the website.

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