Membersheep disrupting the manner of Supply Chain Management

Membersheep disrupting the manner of Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world which has multiplied enormously in infrastructure and value over the past decade. Charts suggest that the market that stood worth $13 billion in 2017 is soaring to hit the $ 32.9 billion landmark by the start of 2026. While this is a pleasant news for the Global Supply Chain Management system, the need to improve and produce much-refined trading conduct is a challenge pressing on it all the same.

Overseas product sourcing has, for long, been a business of much long pull and fret for buyers around the globe. Crucial procedures like communication with retailers, contract signing, payment and sound transportation of bulky goods are relatively tedious and complicated to accomplish. Besides, the authenticity of goods and security of funds remain as objects of question throughout. These are positively the reasons why most product sourcing companies tend to drop off the race mid-way. However, Membersheep takes a detour from the rest, portraying a promising future to overseas wholesale business altogether.

A Hong Kong-based  B2B Product Sourcing platform, Membersheep is devising solutions to resolve the fallacies in the Supply Chain Management system and bridge the persisting gap between domestic customers and international brands. With over 400 certified clothing, cosmetics, fashion, maternal and Infant product brands on board, Membersheep puts its best foot forward in ensuring authenticity and guarantee on product quality through its direct ties with most of the headquarters of brands hosted on its platform. This critically helps it in achieving its goal of helping domestic buyers purchase salable products and from multiple brands.

The enterprise is driven by its huge determination to deliver on integrity and establish it’s prominence as a pioneer in the global market. But the question is, HOW?

‘BLOCKCHAIN’ is the answer.

Yes! The technology that is disrupting a number of organizational structures is soon to take over the product sourcing market with Membersheep. The unconventional platform has been designed to employ Blockchain in carrying out strict and transparent procedures for the establishment of contracts, processing of transactions, product tracking, and all other activities running on the seller-buyer interface. This is achieved with the use of Sheepcoin, the company-specific token that can be used for accomplishing trade of goods on the Membersheep platform.

The Blockchain-powered platform is simple, genuine and easy to operate by users all over. Once a buyer has signed up as a member on the platform, contacting the suppliers, finalization of contracts, payment, withdrawal, delivery and other comprehensive import services are just a click away while the buyers’ financial security is also guaranteed.

The platform has a compilation of 250,000,000 Sheepcoins for sale on its platform. With a few days left for the pre-sale to go live, its Early Backer sale providing a 35% bonus is already making the rounds.

Membersheep invites all to join the sale and be counted among some of the earliest game changers of the industry.

Click here for a thorough understanding of Membersheep, its networks, procedures and more.

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