Market Watch: Top Coins Recording Gains, Cosmos (ATOM) Surges 35% Following Binance Listing Announcement

Most coins are on the green side of the market today, Sunday, April 18. Top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is trading in the range around $5170 (Bitstamp). Data from CMC shows that Bitcoin has a 1.17% gain during the past 24, with a daily volume of $12.4 billion.

Ethereum and Ripple are also recording gains of 2% and 1%, with their prices hovering around $159.18 and $0.299 respectively.

The total market cap is ~$173 billion | Bitcoin’s market cap is ~$94 billion | BTC dominance at 54.4%

Major Crypto Headlines

Binance Sets to List Cosmos (ATOM).  The leading cryptocurrency exchange has, in a blog post, revealed that it would add support for Cosmos (ATOM) on April 29. Reacting to this news, the price of the coin has surged by almost 35% with a value of $4.58 at press time.

Crypto Bull Market Could Be Here to Stay as Samsung Plans Ethereum-Based Token. Samsung continues to show interest in the crypto and blockchain industry as the multinational conglomerate is reportedly planning to launch its own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain.

How a Hacker Has Been Stealing Millions Worth of ETH by Guessing Weak Private Keys. Are your Ethereum private key safe? A group of researchers recently discovered a blockchain bandit who has successfully siphoned about 45,000 worth of ETH by using weak private keys.

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Market’s Most Significant Gainers And Losers

CasinoCoin (59.84%)

CasinoCoin (CSC), a cryptocurrency designed for the regulated gaming industry, is recording the most gain against the USD on the trading day. Data shows that CSC has gained over 59.84% in the last 24 hours. The value of the coin at press time is $0.001 with a market cap of $36 million and a daily volume of $219,378

QuadrantProtocol (37.27%)

QuadrantProtocol (EQUAD) is up by over 37% in the last trading session, and its current price is hovering around $0.002877. A glance at the weekly chart reveals that EQUAD has lost about 30% of its value. The coin has a market cap of $951,825 and a trading volume of $657,885 across all exchanges.

Datawallet (-40.25%)

Despite the green spreading across the market, Datawallet (DXT) is recording the most significant loss on the day. The token, which started the trading day with a value of 0.0034, saw a sharp decline within the last 2 hours, and currently trading around $0.0020 with a market cap of $790,649.

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