Maker DAO DAI Gaming Initiative – Marble Cards And Battle DAO Bag Bounties

The Maker DAO team announced on Jun 04 that the Marble Cards And Battle DAO blockchain gaming projects have been awarded bounties in the DAI gaming initiative. The initiative was launched in early March to promote DAI stablecoin usage in the blockchain gaming industry. A targeted approach which awards cash prizes in DAI for integrating it for blockchain gaming in multiple ways.

After launching the Dai Gaming Initiative in March, Maker has awarded the first bounties for ‘Best Usage of Dai’ to @Battle_DAO and @marble_cards!
See how they integrated Dai and check out the other bounties still available:— Maker (@MakerDAO) June 4, 2020

The Marble Cards And Battle DAO each received a price of 1500 DAI for best usage of the stablecoin DAI, in their projects. The gaming initiative is ongoing.

About Marble Cards

Marble Cards allows users to marble any webpage to a collectible card represented by a Non Fungible Token (NFT). Each URLs can be marbled once, since it is unique. The NFT card can be auctioned category wise and the best cards are awarded prizes. Currently, Ethereum (ETH) and Marble Cards (MBC) are used to pay for auctions and rewards, with DAI support coming next.

About Battle DAO

Battle DAO enables users to trustlessly and transparently organize highly customizable gaming tournaments with entry price and automatic distribution of rewards. It is aimed at the gaming community and aims to solve the major problems with the centralized game services. It features wallet onboarding, prize pool denomination in any ERC-20 token (usually ETH and DAI) and easy crypto to fiat withdrawal.

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