Machine learning for the financial Crypto world

Machine learning for the financial Crypto world

Current behaviors, decisions, and outcomes are determined, influenced, and controlled by both historical trends and current contexts.

Whichever field we try to approach, there will always be an infinite amount of information organized in several ways and displayed in many others. According to an article published in Forbes, Data is growing faster than ever before. By 2020, over 1.6 megabytes of brand new information will be created per human on earth each second.

Data alone, meaning machine-readable information, is present and fundamental in every industry, and most certainly every person has come across the term directly or indirectly. Data refers to organized digital information that computer programs can process and manipulate.

Machine learning is the new term for the advances in technology that keep closing the gap between what a human can do that a machine cannot. Machine learning refers to the use of science in training a computer to learn from human behavior and later on, to replicate this behavior and act as a human would.

Over time it becomes autonomous and feeds data to itself to keep its actions and interactions relevant within a particular field. Of course, this definition refers to the idyllic side of machine learning.

Big data plays a crucial role in the financial world, and the way it can be analyzed can shift the market in seconds. The traditional and alternative financial markets demand and produce vast volumes of various data at an unprecedented velocity, leading to the challenge of collecting, processing and analyzing all of this information to lead to well-educated and capitalizable decisions in the market.

In the Cryptocurrency world, there is a lack of platforms that display real-time and centralized data. For MOONBLOCK, this represents an excellent opportunity to develop disruptive tools powered by artificial intelligence, where our trained algorithms can enter this big data ecosystem and dig deeper into the information to cast the most suitable actions within the Crypto market in a specific time frame. We display organized, veridic and relevant Data to assess the market in a fully informed and emotionless way to make SMART trading decisions.

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