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It’s all about the world of cryptocurrencies in the CryptoTicker Trading group! We are passionate about the crypto industry, and most importantly passionate about learning, growing, and growing our portfolios! That’s why we’re working on a “Trading Academy” to accompany you from trading beginner to expert!

The CryptoTicker Trading group is all about technical analysis. Not only do we draw the technical analysis, we support your learning and trading journey with daily advice. And if you want to share your own ideas and help other traders, we might like your trades enough to give you a spot on our team…

Not convinced yet? We prepared a sample of our previous trades for you!

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Our technical analysts have been hitting the nails on the head lately! Allow us to humbly brag about some of our recent trades if you’re still hesitant:

Swing trade #1: Calling Bitcoin to reach $16,000 when it was at $12,800 (+25%)

%BTC/USD 1W chart – TradingView

On the 22nd of October at $12,800 we wrote:

For short term traders, a sensible price of USD 14,000 would be an ordinary profit taking level, as Bitcoin faces no real resistance until its all-time high. This would also break the previous high for 3 years. If the price continues extending above the blue line in Figure 2, the momentum continues with the uptrend, and reaching the price of USD 16,000 again would be sensible despite reaching the extended overbought RSI area (fig.2).

Rudy Fares – CryptoTicker expert

Bitcoin touched the $16,000 level on Nov 6th, and even broke past it on Nov 12th.

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Swing Trade #2: YFI in control of the bears… (44% profit on a short position!)

On Oct 5th we wrote the following about YFI:

The price of YFI is currently $19,580 after bulls have attempted to bounce back up, however, this doesn’t invalidate the bearish breakout.

In the short-term, the next price target for the bears could be $11,000. Before that, the daily RSI could get overextended and a dead cat bounce could happen. Nonetheless, bears are in full control right now.

Lorenzo Stroe – CryptoTicker expert
YFI/USD 4H – TradingView

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Trade #3: LINK turns resistance into support! (+10% in 2 days)

link price
LINK/USD 4H – TradingView

On Oct 8th, we wrote about LINK breaking the 50-SMA:

The price has managed to climb above the 50-SMA and it’s currently trying to crack the 100-SMA. If both levels can be turned into support, LINK will have a real chance to re-test $10 in the short-term.

The next target price would be $10.5 where the 200-SMA currently stands.

Lorenzo Stroe – CryptoTicker expert
LINK/USD 4H – TradingView

Sure enough, that position was reached 2 days later on Oct 10th!

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Swing trade #4: Calling ETH correction to ~$390 then breaking through $500 (+10% in 3 days on a short position)

ETH/USD 1H – TradingView

On October 23rd we predicted ETH to correct down to the Fib level at ~$390 areas…

ETH/USD 1H – TradingView

That correction came 3 days later on October 26th, and we reported on it on October the 27th!

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Whether you’d like to discuss your ideas or get help from our experts, CryptoTicker Trading is the place to be to make the most out of this market! See you there!

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