KPMFX Review 2021 – Your Online Trading Trendsetter

KPMFX is a forex, stock, and crypto trading platform giving traders access to thriving markets – currencies, stocks, indices, assets, and commodities. To open an account with the platform, you need a minimum deposit of 250.

KPMFX Platform Features

The platform offers access to education material through tutorials, articles, and personal agents that teach you the specifics, which makes KPMFX a very beginner-friendly platform.

Investors also get access to economic calendar, market data analytics tools like Webtrader, and stocks screeners that sort through stocks and show which ones are available for trading. You can track trading strategies and learn from expert trader’s accounts how to implement their practices and strategies.

With their live market data, you get live streaming of prices, and bid/ask quotes.

Thanks to the economic calendar, traders can also check the history of the stocks and currencies from the moment they appeared on the market. You can track the prices’ movement by the second. KPMFX will also send you market updates and news – this is important for senior traders who want to be ahead of the market’s behavior. Of course, you cannot predict the market tendencies, but you can get a feel of what’s going on.

KPMFX Spreads, Fees, and Installments

The best part about KPMFX is that deposits come with NO fees. Clients do not undergo costs upon depositing other than their initial deposit. As for spreads, KPMFX spreads range depending on the installment you opt for.

The Basic, Advanced accounts have a floating spread, while the Expert and VIP have fixed spreads.

Below you can find more about their account types:

Basic. There is a floating spread included in this plan, which means that the difference between the ask and bid prices can vary depending on the market’s situation, but you

get a personal bonus policy, an account manager, and there are no advance payments.

Advanced. Again, the spread is floating. Here you get exchange rate hedging, education tools, and market change emails.

Expert. If you set up the expert account, know that your spread will be fixed, you will get access to advanced training, a consultant you can talk to, and live news updates.

VIP. Users will get transferable spreads, their own executive account manager, and one-on-one trading.

Islamic Account. No spread widening. No post listing or hidden costs. The account is designed to meet the Sharia law and its principles of trading and finance wherefore there is no interest accumulation.  

Apart from its generous pricing plans, KPMFX offers a set of features to cater to investors’ unique experiences. You can make use of the economic calendar to keep track of upcoming events and market-related announcements. The stocks heatmap, that will help you compare prices and exchange rates and detect the strongest and weakest currencies.

Platform Safety

The platform is protected with a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that encrypts data so broker agents or cybercriminals cannot get access to sensitive information like your bank details, and they cannot interfere during transactions. The 128-bit SSL prevents data breaches from happening.


  • Live account
  • Demo account
  • Hedging
  • Aggregation mode
  • Minimum trade executions from 0.1 lot
  • Personal consultants
  • Credit card transfers
  • Bank transfers
  • 24/5 Phone and email support
  • Live chat support


  • Education tutorials start from the Advanced account
  • SWAPS are not free
  • Only VISA and Mastercard deposits are accepted

Final Words

There are thousands of platforms out there promising thick returns and risk-free trading, but trading is not about risk. Trading is about trading with money you CAN afford to lose, but finding a certified solution platform that cares for its traders can be a daunting task.

The reason we recommend KPMFX is that apart from using the latest technology in the industry in unison with a simplified platform solution, they put clients’ safety in the foreground.

KPMFX grants upgradable pricing plans, no hidden costs, swap discounts, and minimal spreads for its clients.

You can open a position with little investment and that’s the beauty of trading. You can do much with little – and KPMFX allows for it to happen thanks to their trading conditions always aiming at investors’ best trading experience.

Weighing in on the pros and cons, the overall KPMFX trust score by us would be 74 out of 99. Well done, KPMFX!

To register for an account with KPMFX, click here.

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