KIBIS: Multifaceted Kiosk Service to Empower Consumers

The blockchain technology provides a multitude of fascinating opportunities for any business to service the under served financial consumers of the world. KIBIS is an example of a company using blockchain for this purpose.

KIBIS is developing a multifaceted Kiosk service to empower consumers all over the world who lack access to bank accounts and proper payment infrastructure, while simultaneously providing additional services such as local & International Mobile Recharging, TV cable subscription services, the ability to make donations, pay for utility bills, airline tickets, gift cards and even online games.

The project is underpinned by a unique token – KIBIS coin, which is used to support their blockchain network and facilitate transactions on KIBIS kiosk.

KIBIS is located in a dozen countries around the world and has an incredibly ambitious goal to raise a hard cap of $400 million for their ICO (launching December 24th).




KIBIS has developed and plans to deploy over 2,000 self-service kiosks to improve the way people make and receive payments.

The self-service kiosks ensure millions of people can conduct their businesses 24 hours a day at their convenience. Along with the traditional transactions such as utility bills and mobile services, new services will be introduced into the self-service kiosk industry.


KIBIS also offers an e-wallet, which can be topped up at the self-service kiosk using cash but will also be compatible with cryptocurrency.


The frequent use of services on the Kiosk makes it an ideal place for companies to advertise. Three types of ads can be administered:

  • Banner advertising in self-service kiosks.
    1. Associated factors of the banner ads include:
      1. Banners weight, which sets the priority of displaying on kiosks.
      2. Banner ad associated with service provider (agent) transaction on the kiosk
  • Specifying a service by clicking on a banner.
  1. Loading a banner image directly in the system’s back office with further automatic delivery.
  2. Capability of loading an image to change banner by clicking.
  • SMS: text advertisements on receipts, which are printed after payment is made.
    1. Features include:
      1. Standardized text of SMS message, in which payment parameters, i.e., amount, service, number of payment may be used.
      2. Priority of sending messages.
  • Some messages to be sent, both total number for an advertising module and limit number for sending daily.
  1. Determining the time of module activity, e.g., sending messages from 08:00 to 21:00 only, or the capability to post messages on weekdays only.
  2. Specifying a service provider the messages are to be sent through.
  • Video advertisements to be replayed on second monitors:
    Screens will offer static, part and full-motion Digital signage displays are advantageous compared to static signs because they can display varying multimedia content such as images, animations, video, and audio. Content can be changed in real-time, which in principle allows for full context and audience adaptation


KIBIS is partnered with a mining company to deploy mining equipment in self-payment KIOSKs in the following countries: UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Funds raised from the ICO will help install up to 18,000 new Kiosks across the world, these machines will all be fitted with mining infrastructure. KIBIS is opting for a multi-algorithm mining platform; mining the most profitable coins on any given period. This will maximize return on investment.


KIBIS coin is a utility token which is created on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing KIBIS to leverage the Blockchains smart contract capabilities. KIBIS tokens’ main purpose is to facilitate transactions between consumers on the KIBIS kiosks with public and private organizations.



Public pre-sale date: December 10th, 2018

The soft cap is $40,000,000. A minimum contribution of $200 is required. Coins can only be purchased with  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or Bitcoin Cash.

The ICO will last for 45 days or earlier if the hard cap of $400 million is attained. Unsold coins from the public availability will be burnt, in turn helping to increase the intrinsic value of the circulating supply.

Maximum Coin Supply: 2,520,000,000

Public Sale Coin Quantity: 700,000,000

Reward Coins: 1,400,000,000

Hard Cap: $400,000,000

Soft Cap: $40,000,000

Token Price: $0.50 (pre-ICO) $0.60 (public ICO)

Target amount: $100,000,000 (pre-ICO)  $300,000,000 (public ICO)

Token Distributions: 200,000,000 (pre-ICO) 500,000,000 (public ICO)


Management Team

Merdan Gurbanov

Previous experience:

  • Managing Partner – PRIVILEGE GROUP
  • Co-Founder – Innovative Blockchain Solutions
  • Business Management Consultant – The World Organization for Education, Science and Development

Vitaliy Snagovskiy

Previous experience:

  • General Manager – Mango Point Payment Services LLC
  • General Manager – Mobile Wallet FZ LLC


Stage 1: Expected Completion: Q3 2018

  • Registering the company in UK
  • Registering the company in Malta
  • Registering the company in UAE
  • Creating the White Paper
  • Creating the One Pager
  • Creating the Website
  • Creating the Video
  • Hire lawyers, complete paperwork
  • Receiving Legal Opinion on the KIBIS ICO

Stage 2:Expected Completion: Q4 2018

  • Website and social media release
  • Launch Pre-Registration
  • Launch Pre ICO
  • Launch ICO
  • End of ICO
  • ICO Investors KYC Verification

Stage 3: Expected Completion: Q2 2019

  • Order of Kiosks with Built-in Mining Equipment (UAE)
  • Apply for listing on exchanges
  • Start of KIBIS payment processing blockchain platform development
  • Mining Pool development
  • Signing agreements with locations in UAE
  • Launch KIBIS mining pool
  • Launching KIBIS payment processing blockchain platform v 1.0

Stage 4: Expected Completion: Q4 2019

  • Order of Kiosks with Built-in Mining Equipment (OMAN)
  • Registering company in OMAN
  • Signing agreements with locations in OMAN
  • Deploying kiosk network in OMAN
  • Start KIBIS e-Wallet development

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