John McAfee’s Crystal Ball? Promised This Bitcoin Price Surge a Week Ago

Veteran entrepreneur and popular cryptocurrency commentator, John McAfee, has correctly predicted that Bitcoin is going to surge in a week. McAfee made these comments while outlining that the US has been putting pressure on the world’s largest cryptocurrency but also stating that it has no control over it. 

John McAfee With A Correct Prediction On Bitcoin

As Cryptopotato reported back on July 28th, John McAfee, the founder of one of the world’s most predominant security software businesses, McAfee Associates, said that Bitcoin is going to surge in a week. 

His comments came in light of the US putting pressure on the cryptocurrency, as the entrepreneur outlined that their government doesn’t have the power to control it. 

Bitcoin is under pressure from the U.S. and its price reflects it. But the U.S. has no real power in controlling CryptoCurrency. Just Watch. A week from today, Bitcoin will continue its meteoric rise. – said McAfee. 

And, sure enough, his prediction came through even sooner than he anticipated. Since July 31st,  Bitcoin is up more than 28%, adding a little bit less than $3000 to its dollar value. 

BTC/USD. Source: CoinGecko

It’s also worth noting that the increase in price also caused a surge in the BTC dominance index which measures Bitcoin’s relative share of the entire market cap. At the time of this writing, it stands at 68.5%. The last time it was so high was back in April 2017. 

Still A Long Way From $1 Million

While McAfee was correct to predict this latest surge in Bitcoin’s price, it’s worth noting that he’s also made another quite popular prediction. Back in 2017, he said that Bitcoin will reach $1 million by the end of 2020 and if he’s wrong, well… we all know what he’d have to eat. 

Of course, some would say that this amid a period of rapid acceleration as it wasn’t long after that Bitcoin reached its all-time high value of $20,000. What followed was a prolonged bear market and you’d expect for McAfee to back off his prediction. 

That, he didn’t. Just on July 14th, the prominent entrepreneur doubled down on his $1 million per Bitcoin prediction, saying that it’s irrelevant to pay attention to weekly fluctuations.


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