John McAfee: I Will Be Managing My Presidential Campaign From a Boat


  • John McAfee, known as a creator of McAfee Antivirus Software, as well as a vocal cryptocurrency supporter, has announced plans regarding his run for the presidency in 2020 US presidential elections.
  • McAfee is currently “in exile” while trying to avoid the IRS by being in international waters. However, his plans reveal that he will have a surrogate presence in the US during the campaign.
  • His supporters are creating masks of his face to interact with people during conferences and on occasions.

John McAfee, the famous founder of McAfee Antivirus Software, continues with his previously announced plans to run for the US presidency in 2020. He initially announced this intention in June 2018, while many were unsure if the plans are real or not, McAfee’s recent announcements show that he and his supporters are already preparing the campaign.

Furthermore, he announces that his campaign will run while he is “in exile.” The reason for this is that he is currently on the run to avoid felony charges brought by the IRS. Many were confused by the situation, not realizing how McAfee plans to run a campaign while stuck on his “freedom boat.” To answer this, and similar questions, he posted the following video:

According to McAfee, his supporters are currently creating thousands of masks of his face which they will wear during public gatherings. These masks will be used to represent McAfee’s physical presence during these events. His masked supporters will follow his instructions, provided to them in real time.

So far, McAfee plans to split his volunteers into two groups. The first group will be “road warriors,” who will start appearing in parks, on the streets, restaurants and other public places, carrying speakers through which McAfee will hold his speeches.

The second group will also wear masks, speakers, cameras and the rest of the equipment, but they will appear during conferences and at keynotes, as representatives of his campaign.

The campaign has already received a lot of attention due to McAfee’s unusual situation, and even more unusual methods. No one can imagine McAfee as the US President, but as we’ve already learned, unexpected things can happen also in that field.

McAfee – A colorful figure

These days, John McAfee is mostly known for being a rather vocal crypto supporter, and his predictions that Bitcoin will hit as high as $500,000 by 2020 are well known in the cryptocurrency space. However, before associating himself with crypto, McAfee has had quite an eventful and colorful life.

He also attempted to enter the presidential race once before, for the elections held in 2016. On that occasion, McAfee tried to join the race as a candidate for the Libertarian Party, although he lost the bid to Gary Johnson, a former New Mexico Governor.

Now, it appears that he believes that his campaign might be the best thing he can do to serve the crypto community. Back in June, he also mentioned that he would either go with the Libertarian party once again or create his own.

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