Instant Crypto Swap – How to INSTANTLY Profit from Booming Cryptos

The cryptocurrency market is known for being highly volatile. A 5-8% change in prices is a normal day for cryptos, whereas the same percentage can be devastating in equity markets. That’s why day traders are shifting their attention to cryptocurrencies, where technical analysis seems to be more accurate and profitable. Being able to constantly monitor the market can be hard most of the time for the average hodler. This is especially true when they have day jobs and families to look after. That’s why new concepts emerged letting those guys benefit instantly from rising cryptos. In this article, we’ll talk about what is Crypto Swapping, and how to swap on Instaswap, one of our favorite cryptocurrency exchange platform 😉

What is Crypto Swapping?

Traditional brokers allow users to buy and sell specific assets. But they often require them to first verify their identity through a lengthy process, fund their account, trade on their trading wallet, and then withdraw to their private wallet. This is definitely a long way to trade, and traders who wanted to benefit from the sudden rise of a specific cryptocurrency already missed the boat!

Enter crypto swapping. This is a very simple way to basically “swap” your specific cryptos for other ones in a somewhat instant way.

Why use Swapping services?

With the falling dominance of Bitcoin, many altcoin prices started to breakthrough. In fact, many altcoins are gaining double-digit percentages while Bitcoin and the other top 10 remain consolidating. In order to benefit from this price increase in a fast and efficient way, swapping became an alternative to slow trading through traditional brokers. Swapping also has many benefits:

  • Fast: Choose the cryptocurrency you’re selling and pick the one you want to swap to…you send your cryptos to a specific wallet, then receive the other ones to your other wallet…simple!
  • Competitive prices: Most swap companies provide the best rates in the markets, and take a small fee, versus you trading on spreads
  • Non-Custodial: This is a crucial part in swapping…The company does now have any acces to your wallets, unlike traditional brokers who have access to your private keys. You send the swapping party cryptos, they send you cryptos instantly…you just wait for the transfer time to end.

How to Swap cryptos with Instaswap?

Instaswap is one of the reputable firms that engage in crypto swapping. They provide an easy-to-ease platform that allows users to instantly swap cryptos. They have a wide range of crypto choices and rock an excellent rating of 4.4 on Trustpilot.

Instaswap managed to nail every aspect of a crypto swap service. They have competitive market rates as they search for the best available rate across their multiple exchange partners. Also, being non-custodial gives users full ownership over their tokens and holdings. In addition to their awesome service, they are fully transparent when it comes to fees, as they charge starting 0.25% fee per transaction. On their homepage, they show the top gainer and the top loser cryptocurrencies, which allows users to know which crypto is rising at a glance.

Instaswap platform

Instaswap top gainers and losers


Crypto swapping is an important activity in today’s volatile crypto market. It allows crypto traders and investors the opportunity to swap their low-performing tokens to better-performing ones. Instead of using complicated platforms and looking aimlessly at charts, Instaswap allows users to directly do what matters within seconds. Lose the distraction of complicated trading and swap within seconds with Instaswap.

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