Hunimal Blockchain Project Unveils Wireless Animal Vein Scanner

Hunimal Blockchain Project Unveils Wireless Animal Vein Scanner

The Busan business presentation organized by Hunimal, a private animal registration platform at the Busan Centum Hotel on November 1, 2018, was a huge success, with more than 200 attendees present at the event.

The event which was kick-started with a welcome speech by CEO Kim Gwan-ho, saw him introduce the Hunimal business plans as well as the animal registration affiliate business.

The official also introduced the Hunimal roadmap and HUNICOIN’s exchange listing roadmaps, as well as the wireless animal vein scanner, a first-of-its-kind device.

“It is used for animal identification by scanning the ear vein of the companion animal and automatically filtering the vein blood origin several times. It was developed so that it can be used by insurance companies and various organizations or government agencies by automatically converting the 15-digit commercial ID after generating the animal identification ID,” said CEO of Hunimal, Kim Gwan-ho.

Hunimal Vein Scanner

In the near future, Hunimal plans to miniaturize the portable vein scanner to enable it to link to smartphones that have the Huni app installed.

Hunimal will also create a mass production system that would make the system available to many users including dog hairdressers, veterinary hospitals and others and also enable them to earn more income when registering animals.

The firm believes that an early release of the animal registration system will help reduce the cost of insuring companion animals via collaborations with animal care centers, customized animal health insurance and more.

Hunimal says its ultimate goal is to help reduce the number of missing animals in the world.

“If registering an animal with a vein scanner, I will earn additional income, I think it will be rewarding and also assist with reducing the store’s expenditure,” said Kim a dog shop owner who took part in the event.

Interestingly, HUNICOIN plans to burn 40 billion tokens out of the available 80 billion tokens in existence, a process that would drastically increase the value of HUNICOIN.

“Hunimal is establishing a multilateral cooperation system with companion animal-related organisations, associations, companies and others.

Hunimal’s method of animal identification is much more economical than conventional methods of pet identification.

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