How to start your own bitcoin exchange platform

First step is a wallet to fill with bitcoins, will assist you with this however research the best for yourself and whether you wish to just buy or if you want to go deeper and become a trader. Some of the wallets have different modes of engagement and different lengths of time for your accessing needs, most have apps but then maybe you want something that is more secure, like some hardware for only you to hold, a physical wallet could be calling you. Once the wallet is procured then your purchasing can begin, step into the world of Crypto’s and get lost in the digital supermarket, similar to childhood when your parents told you to hurry up then left you, this time you are right to stare at the coins choosing the right one no matter how many parents call you away, make the decision that is right for you. Wallet, check, Crypto’s, check, now moving forward how about becoming a trader?

The platform that is not only comprehensive in its site navigation it is also exceptionally informative in its interaction with you the budding trader. Their F.A.Q’s section will answer all your qualms and they’re up to date reference pages for the market are user-friendly and exciting, it’s for adults with real rewards or losses at the end. Always research and use many sources but Novaexchange is a great place to start. Now you have your own trading platform how will you run it? Read read read all you can about the coin companies that are starting up, the people that are getting involved in the white water rapids of internet currency.

The key to making sure your platform succeeds is information and staying ahead of the times, the newest coins are the best to watch but also the risk is high and they could blow up in your face before they have even made a trade. Watch them closely, look into who they are partnering with and warning signs of who is coding the coin, are they a Harvard/MIT/Eton graduate or are they someone who read a recommendation from Bill O’reilly and thinks they know anything about coding when all they have completed is being about to make a ball bounce in Unity, very easy as there are a million YT tutorials out there explaining how to do that.

Bitcoin Hong Kong Exchange

IF you don’t know what Unity is then now is good time to take a step back and start to research before you even get close to jumping into this world, of course Unity is a game engine that has nothing to do with building coins but then if you didn’t know that and someone sold you a million unity’s for 0.00000001 you could be in a bit of trouble, so get on the sites, look at the glossary’s, study the coins, and be good to your customers. You can be successful and make others too but not if you build shoddy as it will always fall down on you.

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