$HBAR the Native Currency of Hedera Hashgraph’s Next Gen Blockchain Available on OKEx

Customers of cryptocurrency exchange OKEx will soon be able to trade and invest in the native currency of Hedera Hashgraph’s ‘third generation’ blockchain. The native token $HBAR, which is used to power the hashgraph public network, will be available to deposit on OKEx from September 16, with three trading pairs available a day later (HBAR/BTC, HBAR/USDT, and HBAR/USDK) withdrawals of the digital asset can be made from September 24.

Announced on its website and Twitter account on September 10, the news makes OKEx one of the first platforms to list the $HBAR token.

On Twitter, OKEx said: “You guessed it right! We’re delighted to announce that #OKEx will soon list @hashgraph $HBAR, one of the first exchanges to do so.”


A welcome addition

A spokesperson from OKEx welcomed Hedera’s token to the platform and said it was looking forward to letting its customers trade in the ‘next-gen’ token.

“We’ve listened to our customers and we’ve delivered,” they said.

“As of September 16 $HBAR will be available on our market-leading platform, giving our customers even more choice in their trading and investments.

“Hedera’s project is truly groundbreaking, with the team working to build what they call a ‘third generation’ blockchain, that builds on the successes of the bitcoin and ethereum networks, but also addresses some of their inefficiencies, for example, their slow transaction times and high fees.

“While this is another great opportunity, if you’re new or experienced to crypto trading, make sure you do your own research before you invest, never invest more than you can afford to lose, and have a risk mitigation strategy in place.”

10,000 transactions per second

Hedera uses the hashgraph consensus mechanism, which the company says provides a very high-level of security, processing power and speed.

They said that compared to the transaction times of the bitcoin network, which they say are three transactions per second (TPS), the hashgraph network can deliver 10,000 TPS or more.

OKEx customers already benefit from a range of services including spot trading, perpetual swap trading, and futures contracts. The exchange is one of the biggest in the world, serving millions of customers globally every day.

You can find out more about the listing here, and more about the Hedera Hashgraph company here.

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