From opponent of cryptocurrencies to an ambitious investor?

Carl Celian Icahn is an American businessman and investor, founder of Icahn Enterprises, and billionaire whose net worth is $ 17.2 billion.
He has made a large and very diverse number of investments; He has bought shares in automobile, software, and technology companies, laboratories, and media and communication enterprises, and is the director of many others.

The businessman has been associated with companies such as Apple, Netflix, Marshall, and Marvel. He is a feared investor, and he made his reputation by buying and selling the shares he owned in these firms, relentlessly waiting for an opportunity, even dismantling entire companies if he could make a profit from it.
Icahn has been described as an activist shareholder, someone who uses his investment in a company as leverage to push it to make certain changes in the way it operates.
Clearly, his trajectory did not make him a very popular figure, but there is no denying the position he now finds himself in.

How the millionaire’s stance changed just a few days ago

In 2018, Icahn called Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general ridiculous, saying that he would not get involved with them and claiming that his reluctance could be because he simply did not understand them. This piece of news was accompanied by the words of other great figures who were also doubting the stability and existence of cryptocurrencies.

Apparently, Icahn now understands the world of digital currencies better, because he recently mentioned that he was exploring opportunities in the sector. He also acknowledged that cryptocurrencies are gaining more support these days as a result of the rising inflation, and that skepticism about the value of cryptocurrencies is ill-founded.
He commented that the use of crypto would be interesting to observe in Ethereum, because of its underlying blockchain system it can be used both as a payment system and as a store of value. And that instead Bitcoin would be just a store of value.

The investor also believes that many of the cryptocurrencies that exist today will not survive, and the currencies that do not even serve as a store of value will be removed from the market. But he said as well that in one way or another, decentralized digital currencies are here to stay.
He also felt the need to clarify that as much as he has been studying the world of cryptocurrencies he has not yet bought or invested in it. But if he did, he would do it big time, investing more than a billion dollars!

Is it possible to hate Bitcoin and be an investor?

Three years have passed since the investor stated his position against cryptocurrencies and his change of mind has been incredible. Cryptocurrencies continued to exist, which may have taken Icahn by surprise. And not only have they survived, but the world of cryptocurrencies has been thriving in the face of the multiple adversities it is facing.

It looks like the world of decentralized finance has defeated so far all its enemies. Just as many companies have been slowly adhering to this movement, several billionaires have changed their perspectives about cryptocurrency, including Mark Cuban and Howard Marks.

From opponent of cryptocurrencies to an ambitious investor
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