Friend Marries Blockchain with Cloud Computing to Develop Decentralized Solution for App Developers

Friend Marries Blockchain with Cloud Computing to Develop Decentralized Solution for App Developers

The modern world is one where invisible wires intertwine every part of our lives. Naturally, almost anything can today be controlled by the press of a button or a swipe on the screen, given that mobile applications drive such a large number of technologies.

The mobile app development market is expected to reach a massive volume of about 340 billion dollars in the next two years and the increasing need to have a platform that links coders and developers with high processing capacity and reliability is constantly being felt.

Blockchain has a great deal of viability when it comes to tackling these challenges and the Friend UP or Friend Unifying Platform is pioneering a solution for these issues using the Ethereum blockchain as a basis.

A cloud computing network that allows the super-fast deployment and distribution of decentralized applications, the Friend Network comes with a promise to allow access to anybody that seeks it.

The easily accessible node network makes the Cloud Computing platform reachable from any part of the world. The Friend Internet OS has been developed since 2014 and has been deployed commercially for more than one year. With its Ethereum ICO, Friend is now realizing the next step in its long-term plan, utilizing blockchain technology in order to deliver a decentralized autonomous version of Friend – the Friend Network and Friend Store marketplace.

What are the benefits that are offered by FriendUP?


The framework of Friend involves a highly functional ecosystem that makes it easy to multitask even while using just one tab of any popular internet browser. The Friend Workspace is capable of operating several actions with a single sign-in and allows a host of benefits to small and medium scale business enterprises (SMEs).

The platform is well suited to work in tandem with governmental institutions, providing a collaborative API and digital Workspace where public data can easily be shared over the network enabling SMEs to make such data “come alive”.  Since it is decentralized, there is no single point of failure and multiple nodes are democratically assigned the responsibility of keeping the network operational.

Open Source:

The FriendUP code can easily be found on GitHub as it is an open-sourced solution that depends on its community of developers to constantly improve consolidate it. The service core of this solution has been launched using the MIT license so that a large number of people would adopt and access it. The low licensing cost makes it possible for developers to collaborate, participate and develop without burning a hole in their pockets.


The FriendUP Workspace isn’t dependent on any specific kind of hardware. The USP of this platform is that it can be accessed and used by anyone who wishes to, without worrying about the kind of device or hardware they have. The Friend Network is making use of the Ethereum blockchain, and with a decentralized database such as BigChain DB, it will be possible to dramatically lower transaction costs to make sure that users can quickly use this network at the cheapest of rates.


Naturally, the cloud computing service is accessible from any device with a single log-in id. One must only remember their login details to be able to use the platform. There is no longer a need to lug around any particular device with oneself since any internet-enabled device can be used to get on the platform.

Friend links developers and end users alike and allows for easy integration and access. A friend is also continuously looking towards adding partners with both centralized and decentralized technologies such as storage solutions, electronic wallets and so on, in order to collaborate, integrate and expand the Friend Network.

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