Free Money ALERT: How to Participate in the TenFi Airdrop

Awaiting Airdrops has become a usual event for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. On the 4th of June 2021, Ten Finance drops its TEN token via an airdrop. In order to qualify, users must participate in short activities that will make them eligible in earning free TEN tokens. What is TEN FINANCE and how to participate in the TENFI Airdrop?


TEN FINANCE is a DeFi platform that allows users to engage in activities such as staking and earning. They are powered by the Binance Smart Chain and audited by the Certik Foundation. Their token TEN is a yield aggregator that simplifies staking and yield farming. It provides a yield earning environment on the market while adapting to the daily liquidity needs of the different pools.

Quick Stats for TENFI

There are only 256,000,000 TENFI tokens available. The current price of 1 TENFI is USD 0.2633 and is expected to increase as the project grows. In fact, part of the project roadmap includes CEX listings and further partnerships down the line. For now, Market research, product development and testing are completed. The current work is basically the development of smart-contracts and integrating with the BSC Livenet.

TenFi Airdrop Roadmap
TenFi Roadmap

How to Qualify for the Free TENFI Airdrop?

Partaking in the TENFI airdrop is a no-brainer, as it’s basically earning free money! How much you might be asking? Great question. The company will distribute 200,000 TENFI tokens, and they will be split between 2,000 winners. This means that each winner will earn around 25$…not too shabby! Here’s what you need to do in order to qualify:

1) Add TENFI to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:

2) Follow TEN Finance Twitter account:

3) Follow CryptoTicker Twitter account:

4) Join the telegram group: &

5) Retweet TEN X CoinMarketCap campaign pinned on on twitter and tag at least 3 of your followers.

6) Fill out the Airdrop Participation form and leave your BSC address to receive your TENFI!

7) Airdrop reward: 200,000 TENFI giveaway to 2,000 randomly selected winners who follow all 3 steps of the TEN X COINMARKETCAP

8) TEN Finance and CoinMarketCap will randomly select the winning participants who completed all steps for the TEN X CoinMarketCap Airdrop campaign. The company will announce the list of winners on June 15th.

Good Luck!
Rudy Fares

TenFinance Airdrop
TenFinance Airdrop© Cryptoticker

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