FarmaTrust FTT Token Gets Listed on Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange

FarmaTrust FTT Token Gets Listed on Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange

The FarmaTrust team have announced the successful listing of their FTT token on Qryptos exchange. Though trading is yet to commence because of some minor documentation, the team is confident all will be over shortly.

QRYPTOS exchange is a subsidiary of QUOINE, and some of the excellent features of the platform include :

– High-Grade Security – the platform is 2FA enabled, there are highly functional private servers, multi-signature wallets for offline funds storage and more.

– Robust User-friendly API – the exchange’s API is quite straightforward and easy to use.
– Fast Execution – the QRYPTOS exchange has a fast matching engine capable of executing 1 million transactions per second.

– Analytics tools of the most exceptional quality are available on the platform, making it easy for users to formulate fail-proof trading strategies.

QRYPTOS is available in a vast array of countries globally, including the USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and the UK.

The CEO of FarmaTrust, Raja Sharif said that:

“Being listed on the right exchanges is fundamentally important to the people and institutions that have participated in the successful FarmaTrust TDE. We are thrilled that an exchange with the pedigree and reach of QRYPTOS has agreed to list the FTT token. We are particularly pleased to have cemented the relationship with QUOINE as they are regulated by their financial services authority. FarmaTrust has gone through a similarly rigorous process of validation using FCA regulated BlueWater Capital in the UK.”

FarmaTrust in Brief

FarmaTrust is a highly reliable blockchain-based pharmaceutical tracking platform. The primary aim of the system is to eliminate the menace of fake drugs in the supply chain.
FarmaTrust uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analysis in ensuring that wrongdoers do not put fake products in the supply chain.

FarmaTrust is based in the United Kingdom, and the system is safe, secure, immutable and future proof.

QUOINE in Brief

QUOINE is a global Fintech firm and the parent company of QRYPTOS exchange. It has offices in Japan, Singapore and several parts of the world.

QUOINE launched the Quoine exchange which is now known as QUOINEX, in 2014. The platforms offer users excellent crypto trading services in multiple fiat currencies including the dollar, peso and more.

QUOINEX has handled more than $55 billion in transactions since 2017. In October 2017, QUOINE became the first licensed exchange in Japan to successfully carry out a global token sale.

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