Exclusive: Binance Considering to Become a Facebook’s Libra Node

Last week, Facebook revealed the website of its long-awaited blockchain foray, while also releasing the whitepaper for its cryptocurrency – Libra.

The social network also announced their first giant companies that are going to combine the first confirmed 23 nodes, out of total 100. This list includes leading corporations such as Visa, Uber, eBay, Vodafone, and of course, Facebook itself.   

Today, Cryptopotato had the chance to interview Binance’s Chief Strategy Office Gin Chao during FinTech Junction Conference in Tel Aviv. Chao is a former NBA and Dell Corporate Development Executive.

Among the many subjects discussed in the interview, the CSO confirmed that the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange is “definitely” considering to become a validator node for the new Libra.

Among the other exciting takes during the interesting interview (the full version to be released soon), Chao shared the exchange’s vision on Libra. More interestingly, when asked about whether or not Binance is considering to become a node for Libra’s network, Chao replied: 

“We’re definitely considering it. And so, we would like to throw our hat in the rain. Whether or not we will become one, we’ll see.” 

So Far The Best Bridge For Crypto Adoption

Chao also shared his overall position on the impact of Libra’s announcement on the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem: 

Gin Chao, Binance CSO. Photo by Binance

“It’s a good thing, for sure. Any time a company with the weight, size, resources, and impact of

Facebook gets involved, it validates both blockchain and then in this particular case – cryptocurrencies specifically. So whether or not Libra becomes incredibly successful, it’s already a good thing.”

Moreover, he also outlined that Facebook is taking a rather global approach 

“It’s good that it’s taking a global perspective. There’s going to be the US dollar and a basket of other currencies. […] So I think that they have that part philosophically correct, as far as a stable coin goes.”

He also said that Libra represents the best bridge for cryptocurrency adoption that we’ve seen so far because it would be an actual use case and that Facebook could provide its services and features priced in Libra. 

Note: Chao’s comments were made as a part of a full interview for Cryptopotato. The whole conversation will follow soon.

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