Ethereum Feb 2020 Stats Released By ConsenSys

ConsenSys the leading blockchain company and Ethereum’s accelerator released the blockchain’s statistics for the month of February 2020. As expected and seen earlier, the activity and development on the Ethereum main-net is in full swing. The released statistics included those for network activity, DApp development, DeFi, ETH 2.0 facts and other data. Some of the significant statistics and other information is mentioned below.

Ethereum Network Statistics

The number of global nodes on the Ethereum network have crossed 7083. The unique addresses on the mainnet are over 88M. The smart contracts created in February were 825,895 while the successful smart contract calls went over 41M.

Ethereum Decentralized Applications (DApps) Statistics

The total decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain are 2773, who have 21.73K daily users. The number of DApps launched in the month of February were 21.

Ethereum Development Statistics

The number of MetaMask users on Google’s Chrome has exceeded 1M. The Truffle suite lifetime downloads have gove over 3M. The Gitcoin’s market gross value has risen in excuss of $3.5M. The Ethereum blockchain is aiming for 1M developers working on the platform in the long run.

Ethereum Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Statistics

The ConsenSys developed DeFi rating platform Codefi gave 9.7 score to Maker DAO’s stable-coin DAI. Over $3.6M DAI were minted in February alone. 183,714 people hold DAI currently. For the first time, the DeFi value reached $1B and remained there for two weeks in February.

Ethereum Use Case Information

According to ConsenSys press release, 2.1M people were warned by blockchain based alerting system. LUXARITY platform tracked and allocated 196,017 Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) for charitable donations. A 99.58% reduction in time is being experienced in issuing a digital letter of credit on a blockchain based finance platform. ConsenSys estimated that $3.8T worth of municipal bond market can benefit from blockchain issuance and coordination.

Ethereum 2.0 Statistics

The validators on the next iteration of the renowned blockchain Ethereum 2.0 will need to stake minimum 32 ETH. The length of a slot on the Beacon chain is 12 seconds. The limit for validators withdrawing staked ETH tokens is 36 days. The possibility of an attacker controlling two third of committee of validators is 1 in trillion.

Ethereum Statistics
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