Enjin Introduces Multiverse Program

Enjin team seems to be working in full speed. After launching the Enjin platform on Ethereum main-net, it announced the Multiverse program on Mar 9 to help game developers focus on interoperability, development and collaboration.

At Enjin, we believe developer collaboration creates a host of new creative game design possibilities.

Today, we are excited to launch the Enjin #Multiverse Program and open the doors to innovation & collaboration for a new generation of gamedev pioneers: https://t.co/M4Rj6xYpVI pic.twitter.com/JSfStK4ipq— Enjin (@enjin) March 9, 2020

Enjin Multiverse Program Basics

The multiverse program has been introduced with the primary aim of assisting game developers for creation and promotion of their projects. The developers who are selected by the Enjin team will receive access to the active community plus support for marketing, management assistance and crowd funding. Getting selected will allow developers team access to multiverse assets to start their journey. Further, the Enjin team will grant teams the use of API to create functional blockchain games – allowing multiple game builds, collaboration with other game developers, help by Enjin in marketing through a dedicated page, marketing and integration support and promotion through Enjin team’s social media and community channels.

Enjin Multiverse Program Requirements

According to the Enijn team, the newly launched program can help developers in all stages of game development. The basic criteria is enthusiasm for developing on blockchain and collaboration with other Multiverse assisted projects through cross game functionality, authentic game design and shared promotion of the projects.

The Enjin team will consider well written, completed game documents, prototypes, alpha/beta builds that shows functionality, user experience, mechanics etc. Further, the team will consider post production stage teams that can demonstrate integration with other Enjin’s projects.

Enjin Multiverse
Enjin Multiverse © Cryptoticker
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