Enjin Incentivized Agents Based Envoy Program Goes Live

It has already been a busy year for the Enjin team and the progress continues with the announcement of the launch of Enjin envoy program on Jul 01. The new program is aimed at spreading the word of the Enjin platform and its services. According to the official press release, Enjin envoys are part brand ambassadors, part affiliate agents with blockchain skills and knowledge about Enjin products being supported by the team. The Enjin team is looking for community members, influencers, bloggers, publishers, educators, developers, writers, gamer etc. for the Enjin Envoy program. Interested people can join here.

Calling all blockchain game enthusiasts: we are thrilled to announce the Enjin Envoy Program!

🤝 50% commission on Platform referrals
🧥 Custom #Enjin merch
⚡️ Exclusive blockchain badge
🍕 Event support
…and more!

Learn more and apply: https://t.co/DSDudvCUSE#gamersunite pic.twitter.com/bA1Ow6BF0D— Enjin (@enjin) July 1, 2020

Advantages Of Becoming Enjin Envoy

The Enjin envoys will enjoy a 50% commission for every Enjin platform customer referred for a paid account, right to carry Reddit’s exclusive Enjin Envoy flair, as well as access to the special Telegram group. They will also receive an exclusive badge, sent to their Enjin wallet and to be binded with their Ethereum address forever, as well as hoodies on the first paid Enjin platform referral. The Enjin team will also provide support for events organized by envoys.

About Enjin

Enjin is a leading developer on the Ethereum blockchain, focusing primarily on Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The Enjin team has developed a plethora of products to assist developers interested in creation and distribution of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The team also proposed and successfully implemented ERC-1155 standard, the proprietary standard for NFT tokens.

enjin envoy program
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