E-Commerce Domain Witnesses a Robust Digital Platform in the Form of Bitzon

E-Commerce Domain Witnesses a Robust Digital Platform in the Form of Bitzon

An ever increasing number of buyers all over the world are tempted to wallow into online purchasing. However, much they try to be prudent of the dangers, they are exposed to security issues like their financial details being exposed to hackers.

That’s exactly where the Blockchain technology is revolutionising the E-Commerce space. With Blockchain, all the sensitive information like debit and credit card details are encrypted, which further makes it tough for any hacker to breach in.

Moreover, the transactions take place at a faster rate. Reiterating this notion, Bitzon is a platform that bills itself on exhibiting a network that will make e-commerce a simpler and safer space for blockchain users.

An Overview of the Platform

Bitzon is an e-commerce platform where users can buy and sell products and services using the best and the most credible technologies available in the market. There are several other benefits that either party can take an advantage of.

Buyers and sellers can use both bitzon as well as other platform coins. Bitzon incentivizes buyers with 10% discounts on lifetime purchases and sellers with a 50% rebate on monthly subscription payments.

Bitzon Throws Light on its Sales Allocation and Token Distribution

Bitzon is quite transparent in the way it’s going to distribute its tokens and allocate its sales proceeds. As per the statistics on its web portal, 65% tokens are open to the masses. The rest of these tokens will be distributed amongst partners and team members and some part will be reserved for bonuses and bounties.

As far as the sales proceeds are concerned, 52% of the proceeds will go into branding and marketing and 19% into infrastructure and legalities. The remainder is reserved for gift code inventory, bounties and other overhead expenses.

Bitzon is a Reliable Platform for Both Buyers and Sellers and here’s why

E-Commerce is indeed profitable and advantageous to both buyers and sellers but even then, there is no denying the fact that both buyers and sellers have their share of worries which Bitzon is addressing. Small traders, for instance, find it hard to make their way into the international markets just because they are unable to focus much on promotional activities.

Bitzon empowers sellers with effective propagating strategies and the sellers can shift their complete focus on their core objectives like increasing the volume of production.  Buyers on the other hand are well protected by smart contract that eliminates intermediaries. With smart contract, buyers are required to pay only when they have finally received the product.

Bitzon is flexible to an extent that it supports all tradable currencies, as such users have an advantage of engaging in a transaction from anywhere in the world. Apart from that, Bitzon has got its users covered with 24/7 support that is ever ready to resolve issues.

To Reward Investor’s Loyalty – Airdrop is the Way To Go

Bitzon has a bounty of 30 million coins stored in for visitors who are willing to advertise its ICO on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

The E-Commerce platform is increasing exponentially and it is believed that it will soon reach a whopping USD 2 trillion mark indicating the future of selling and purchasing. So, might as well take complete advantage of such platforms.

Bitzon Airdrop : https://bitzon.typeform.com/to/GsJDFg

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