Don’t Call Me Ethereum’s Co-Founder Anymore, Says Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), is getting increasingly upset for being associated with another project he co-founded – Ethereum.

Hoskinson Doesn’t Like Being Called Co-Founder of Ethereum

In a recent Twitter post, the co-founder of Input Output Hong Kong said that he doesn’t want people to refer to him as the co-founder of Ethereum.

“Could you guys just once refer to me as the CEO of IOHK and a founder of Cardano? Honestly, no more interviews if you keep dropping the E word.”

Hoskinson was on the team that developed what’s currently the second-largest blockchain-based platform Ethereum.

Charles Hoskinson

However, he has publicly stated that he doesn’t want to be referred to as the co-founder of Ethereum.

IOHK is a company that he started alongside Jeremy Wood back in 2015, and it’s oriented toward peer-to-peer innovations that provide decentralized services.

While IOHK is doing a lot of research on tools related to the architecture of cryptocurrencies, the two projects that the organization is best known for are Cardano and Ethereum Classic.

He also argued that he spent only six months working at Ethereum, while a lot more of his efforts have been spent on IOHK.

“I started IOHK back in 2015. We have over 240 employees in more than 40 countries, government contracts, grants from the EU, built several cryptocurrencies, have the largest CC research group in the world with more than 60 papers. Beats six months at Ethereum.” – Hoskinson said.

He Also Changed His Reddit Username

Taking it a step further, Hoskinson also changed his Reddit username two days ago. He was previously using the ethereumcharles nickname while his new one is IOGCharles.

He even provided cryptographic proof from his email PGP key.

Nevertheless, some members of the community have been blaming Hoskinson that he uses his titles selectively. They assert that Hoskinson has been referring to himself as “CEO of IOHK, founder of Cardano and Ethereum.”

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