dGram – Boosting the Efficiency of Digital Trade

dGram - Boosting the Efficiency of Digital Trade

dGram is a platform built on two separate yet connected components. It is a mining platform for precious metals and minerals as well as a creator of gold-supported trading cryptocurrency. Both the enterprises are separately sustainable and mutually profitable. dGram cryptocurrency offers a self-sustaining crypto ‘economy’ that enables value-assured trading and commercial transactions in order to provide better investment opportunities. dGram mining enterprise, on the other hand, focuses on equal and equitable sharing of skills, expertise, and revenue.

dGram Cryptocurrency

While the landscape of cryptocurrency has the potential to offer substantial profits, it also deals with many setbacks that cannot be overlooked. High volatility, lack of transparency, value mechanism, etc., are some of the critical challenges that keep people from harnessing optimum benefits out of their investments. dGram is an unconventional platform that aims to eliminate these issues by offering effective solutions including:-

  • It backs 75% of DGG capital investment with physical gold that creates a stable minimum coin value.
  • Gold purchase and vault transactions are tracked within the smart contract and verified by insured vaulting partners.
  • dShare ensures value addition to both DGG and DGI. Additionally, the platform burns all of its DGI tokens to ensure a minimum DGI inflation.

dGram Gold Investment

Traditionally, gold is considered a safe investment source to generate funds, but by nature, it is a non-liquid asset. While investment in gold tends to offer a stable return, there is minimal potential for larger gains. dGram aims to eliminate these inefficiencies by offering the following solutions:

  • dGram Gold is tradeable on the platform’s exchange with selected third-parties to offer complete liquidity.
  • The platform purchases any coin at 100% of its gold value and converts to physical gold holdings or fiat.
  • The diversity of the platform along with controlled target gold to coin ratio ensures a stronger market performance potential than physical gold holding.

Why Choose dGram?

  • Eliminating the Conventional Barriers

dGram leverages the business and security potentials of blockchain technology to develop, manage, and support various trustless mechanisms that effectively reduce the gap between digital and physical assets.

  • Proven Assets

dGram offers an innovative public access viewing portal that enables inspection and auditing of the smart contract with international gold vaulting partner. Physical gold assets in the dGram Permanent Gold Reserve are amalgamated directly to the base value of DGG Coin, thereby utilizing the optimum potentials of blockchain technology.

  • Solutions to the Inefficiencies

dGram allows the use of both personal gold holdings and crypto investments as digitally liquid, tradeable cryptocurrency on the platform’s exchange. DGG and DGI separately as well as collaboratively mitigate the risks associated with crypto investing while offering convenient digital liquidity to physical gold and crypto holdings.

dGram – An Unconventional Crypto Solution

dGram is an innovative, scalable, and extendable business model that envisions to revolutionize gold and crypto investment and create a new landscape comprising of crypto-enabled international trade that serves as a bedrock for the new global crypto economy. The platform offers secure crypto investment, easy liquidity, seamless transitions and many more unique benefits for its users to effectively trade and earn substantial benefits from.

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