DeFi Aggregator Totle Swap Adds New Features

The Totle team announced on Mar 19 that they have revamped the Totle Swap interface and have added new features to facilitate users, seeking to trade/swap with ease and convenience across Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The Totle Swap promises the best rates on the market and transparency. For a limited time, the team has announced that they will not charge fees, to promote user interaction and product adoption.

📢 Announcing the new Totle Swap! 🥳

🔥🏁🏎 Take advantage of market volatility with Totle’s advanced order routing 🔥🏁🏎

✅Zero fees
✅The best price on the market
✅Save big with GasToken
✅Faster trades
✅Even more assets

Why trade anywhere else?🤷‍♂️— Totle (@TotleCrypto) March 19, 2020

Simple Integration Of Totle Swap On Any External Source

The Totle Swap interface for websites and pages has been simplified with two inputs and a swap button. The users can add the aggregated swap mechanism to their websites, blogs, services etc. without having to go through full API integration, by just copying and pasting a snippet of code.

Further, the users can customise which assets are tradeable, earn fees from the swaps and track activity.

Totle Interface Will Now Display The Trade Path Used To Swap

For the purpose of transparency and giving meaningful information to the users, the Totle interface will now display the trade path chosen to get users, the best rate on the market. The Totle advanced order routing system can split up orders across different exchanges and even perform arbitrage mid trade to improve liquidity and getting the most optimal prices.

Totle Interface Now Offers Price Comparison

The new revamped interface also features price data through different liquidity providers, with estimated slippages. The users can make better decisions and compare fees savings for different options.

Totle Offers Fees Refund Using GasToken

All users can now save on fees, using GasToken mechanism, which refunds upto 50 percent of gas costs, when 3 or more Gwei are spent during a swap.

List Of DeFi Aggregators Available On Totle

The team also published an updated of DeFi aggregators available on Totle. These include.

1. Kyber Network
2. Uniswap
3. Bancor
4. Airswap
5. Oasis
6. Chai
7. EtherDelta
8. Compound
9. Synthetix
10. Set TokenSets
11. 0x Protocol
12. Curve
13. Fulcrum

About Totle

Totle is a decentralized liquidity aggregator powered by different DeFi products, featuring simple interface and instant swap without counter-parties. It works with the Ethereum blockchain.

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