DataBroker DAO IoT Sensor Data Marketplace Goes Live Ahead of international Expos

DataBroker DAO IoT Sensor Data Marketplace Goes Live Ahead of international Expos

It is believed that the success of an enterprise is dependent on the pressure of delivering good services to their clients in the blockchain space.

The launch of A New Product

In a reasonably competitive market like the blockchain industry, many ideas, startups, solutions, and platforms have failed to raise sufficient capital and get past their initial coin offering (ICO), or when they do, hit the ground with a product that isn’t quite ready, or doesn’t live up to expectation.

DataBroker DAO has been able to tackle this menace, and they have introduced a highly functional IoT sensor data marketplace.

DataBroker DAO is a proof-of-concept platform, a DLT startup aimed at creating blockchain solutions for businesses in the crypto space.

It is worthy of note that DataBroker DAO marketplace is where individuals of different facets of life, and establishments can purchase and sell valuable IoT sensor data. Peter-Jan Brone, a renowned developer of DataBroker DAO’s blockchain, has recently written a tech talk concerning the details attached to the crypto platform.

Despite not meeting its expected target sale of 108 million DTX on June 30th, DataBroker DAO has gone ahead to form alliances with several firms in the blockchain industry.

Worldwide Reach

At the beginning of the year, DataBroker DAO were present at the Smart Island World Congress, an event which is aimed at discussing the problems facing the Island nations, and if possible, proffer solutions to these trending issues such as waste management through IoT sensor tech.

In the coming months, DataBroker DAO plans to feature at many notable programmes like the Smart City Expo World Congress to be held in Barcelona, Spain. This event is scheduled to start from November 13th to November 15th, 2018. In this event, DataBroker DAO will be talking about ways to improves lives via blockchain technology.

Visit DataBroker DAO at the Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) booth at the Fira de Barcelona Future Tech.

IoT technology occupies the frontline in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era that developed countries like China are preparing for.

China is a significant force when it comes to IoT sensor data and hardware. Hence, they are regarded as the World’s second largest Economy.

All these playing out, DataBroker DAO is on the verge of increasing their outputs in the region that is expected to have its GDP worked upon by IoT technologies, with an estimated growth of 20% to 30% expected by 2020. This market is presently valued at approximately CNY 500 Billion ($80 Billion).

Expectations are now high since the IoT technology has been officially launched.

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