Dash Partners With AnkerPay And PlusBit Wallet

Dash team announced on May 05 that their project Dash Pay has partnered with AnkerPay, in a bid to make Dash cryptocurrency available across South Africa and in other territories at ATMs. This will allow users to buy/sell Dash at AnkerPay ATMs, as well as pay for good and services at the company’s Point of Sale (POS) locations. The Dash cryptocurrency has further been integrated in the AnkerPay wallet, with a built in exchange functionality.

The move will greatly help adoption of Dash and cryptocurrencies in general, by making availability easy and facilitating liquidity. It will also enable Dash cryptocurrency to be used in daily life, as a payment for goods and services.

The team further announced that Dash has been integrated in the PlusBit wallet – a user friendly wallet with accurate crypto to FIAT quotations.

About Dash Cryptocurrency

Dash is a mineable cryptocurrency, which aims to be the digital cash. It is based on Bitcoin, but different than and improved upon the original version. It includes major features such as two-tier incentivized network otherwise known as Masternodes functionality, InstantSend and PrivateSend.

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