Cryptocurrency Exchange Software by ‘BitExchange’ is a Boon for Entrepreneurs

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software by ‘BitExchange’ is a Boon for Entrepreneurs

Its a known fact, that interest in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is skyrocketing among the general masses and entrepreneurs. BitExchange, an ambitious Blockchain startup has an interesting business model. They have developed a powerful Cryptocurrency Exchange Software and are giving it for Free Download to anyone who wants to start a Crypto Exchange. Not only do they provide a web-based script, but also Android and IOS apps. Along with this suite they provide detailed Installation documentation, so entrepreneurs can easily set up the exchange on their servers and go live.

When asked about the significance of their offering, a spokesperson says, “BitExchange is considered one the most solid and scalable Cryptocurrency Exchange Software in the world. It is time tested and has gone through many versions. A lot many Cryptocurrency Exchanges run on this script. This incredible Cryptocurrency Exchange software is continually updated with all latest features required for running a world-class Exchange. One of the interesting facts about BitExchange is the Add-ons marketplace it has. This section is filled with Add-ons that is essential to run any premium exchange Ex: Liquidity Management, Multi-Tier Referral programs, Taxation module, ERC20 Integrator etc.”

Now, why is such a massive software suite offered for Free? One of the promoters of this startup Mr.Krish says, “ Our business model with BitExchange is unique. What WordPress did for Blogging, BitExchange is trying to do for the Crypto Exchange space “. Furthermore, he says, “ All the Add-ons and Themes available in the marketplace is not just made for the BitExchange platform. They are architected in a manner that, it can be integrated to any Crypto Exchange or application. Each Add-on has documentation to easily integrate it on any application done using any technology”.

Not only do they sport a Centralised Peer-to-Peer Exchange software, but the present is also an incredible Decentralised Token Exchange software that people can download. The Decentralised Exchange software is built using technologies like NodeJS, Mongo DB, Angular JS, Python etc.

Following are some of the most interesting features present in Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:

Sophisticated Matching Engine: One of the most critical components in any Exchange is the matching engine. This is the module that matches and executes the orders between Buyers and Sellers. The matching engine in this Open Source Cryptocurrency Exchange software is continually updated for performance and works like a charm.

Simple and Advanced Trade: Many finish their trade in the simple trade page. But there are investors who want to go deep and choose to trade in the Advanced Trade page. BitExchange has both the trade modules crafted with perfection. These pages sport an Asynchronous loading mechanism, so users don’t get to see the page flickering in-between requests.

Hot and Cold Wallet: Keeping security in mind, this powerful Php Cryptocurrency Exchange Software has a solid Hot and cold wallet system provisions in place. The script is integrated with 3rd party cold wallet providers like Trezor wallet etc. so admins can easily take out backups of the crypto’s stored in the hot wallet regularly.

Deposit and Withdraw Process: The top 3 required features in any Exchange are: Deposit/withdraw, Buy/Sell, Send/Receive. This Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange software has built a smooth process to handle these requisites. It is architected to give a seamless experience for traders like in any world-class exchange. The entire flow is made to require very less learning curve.

Admin Panel: The entire exchange suite comes with a spectacular and secure Admin Panel to control the entire platform end-to-end. The Admin panel has so many features that explaining each feature inside is going to become difficult. You can instead check this video to get a feel of all the features present in the back office of this system.

Skins and Themes: My personal favorite in BitExchange is the wide variety of Templates and skins they provide. Using these amazing Cryptocurrency Templates, you can give change the look and feel of the entire exchange quickly. Each of the themes comes in different styles to give your exchange a unique and refreshing look.

Liquidity Management Module: I would say this is for sure a very essential feature of any exchange. One of the biggest problems any new Crypto Exchange will face is maintaining enough liquidity to execute transactions. This amazing White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software comes with a fantastic Liquidity Management module that can connect your Exchange to any live Liquidity Provider. By default, it is connected to CEX.IO. Also, this powerful Liquidity management module comes with its own Admin panel to easily tweak the inflow of liquidity. This module is made to be easily turned On and Off at will with will impact to the live exchange it is connected to.

Referral Module: Running a crypto trading exchange, you need all the help from your users to spread the word. So, this Cryptocurrency Exchange Software comes with a neat multi-tier referral module. This module incentivizes your users to refer and earn a commission. 

ERC20 Integrator: One of the major forces in the world of Crypto is the Ethereum framework. A lot many coins and tokens are built on top of this famous framework. These are called ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. This cryptocurrency exchange software comes with a module to make integration of any ERC20 token a breeze. 

When asked about the security presence in the Exchange software, the spokesperson says “ BitExchange is built in with security in mind. It has every essential security checks we can think of in place. We keep adding more. But we still insist all users downloading our Free software to do a complete audit of the source code before deploying it and going live. Each download has 100% source code, so users can open it and do a complete audit of the system before using it”.

Also, Krish says, “ We don’t want to stop with just Cryptocurrency solutions. We will also be soon launching starter Kits for other Blockchain business ideas like Money Transfer App, the CrowdFunding platform, SupplyChain platform etc. We would want to become the go-to destination for any Blockchain related ready-made scripts and software.”

As the heat gets more in this space, startups like BitExchange can truly create a lot of value by helping Entrepreneurs hit the road running with their blockchain ideas.

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