Crypto Market Watch & Overview: Bitcoin Aiming For The $12,000

Bitcoin (BTC) saw a sharp, significant rise, racing to the $12,000 region during the early hours of July 4 (UTC), but the bulls quickly retrieved their momentum in the next few hours that followed.  The leading cryptocurrency in the market was charting a 4.60% 24-hour gain, trading around $11,735 at the time of writing.

Just like BTC, Ethereum (ETH) also saw a sharp surge surpassed the $300 barrier, during the recent trading hours, with a price correction followed, placing Ether’s price at $296 as of now, which is a 0.70% gain against the USD.

The total market cap is $332 Billion | Bitcoin’s market cap is $208 billion | BTC dominance is breaking records at 62.9%

BTC Daily

Major Crypto Headlines

Is Tether (USDT) Behind the 2019 Bitcoin Price Rally (Again)? Tether continues to be a controversial topic in the crypto community ever since the allegations of a price manipulation which led to the 2017 Bitcoin surge, and now questions are beginning to spring up whether the most famous stablecoin company is back at playing with BTC

Facebook’s David Marcus: Libra Crypto Users Won’t Have to Trust Us. As controversies continue to surround the Social media giant’s upcoming blockchain project, David Marcus, Facebook’s VP has stepped out to reveal that Libra is being built on a decentralized system hence, does not require trust. 

More Bullish News for Bitcoin: Retail Investors Are on the Rise. A new report has revealed that the number of bitcoin retail investors had been on the rise throughout last year unminding the long crypto winter of 2018.

Most Significant Winners and Losers

OVCODE (214.13%)

OVC, an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain, is experiencing an impressive upward movement over the last 24 hours – 214% ROI on the day, OVC’s price is trading above the $0.21 region. At the time of writing. The total market cap value of OVC lies at $9,267,599. 

RealTract (168.07%)

RET picked up a bullish momentum a few hours ago after week-long low while trading between the $0.001 and $0.002 regions. The altcoin surged over 168% in the last few hours, placing the coin as one of the top 120 cryptocurrencies by market cap. RET is currently trading at $0.004 with a market cap of $48,617,160.

Nectar (-48.12%)

Nectar, a token issued by crypto exchange Ethfinex, is the most significant loser in today’s crypto trading as of now. NEC has lost almost 50% of its value within the last 24 hours and is now trading at $0.060 with a market cap of $4,970,065.

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