Crypto Market Update Mar.19: Bitcoin At $4000 Again, IEO The New ICO, Lightning And More

During the past few weeks, we have witnessed price surges of another new developed Altcoin season, which is here with us. Leading the ROI list is the IEO, which is the new ICO: Those are Initial Exchange Offerings on designated platforms inside the crypto trading exchanges, which are currently generating phenomenal ROIs for their investors and attracting many other eyes.

Just hours ago Celer Network had recorded the all-time high number of users willing to participate on a single fundraising of Binance Launchpad. We have been there already during the ICO bubble of 2017, so what is different this time? Does exchange filtration work as a better solution for fundraising? time will tell. But as of now, more and more exchanges are building their own fundraising mechanism: Binance is already there, OKEx, Bittrex, Kucoin, Houbi and more are soon to join the fundraising party.

Bitcoin eco-system continues to grow, despite the declines. The Lightning Network has already passed 1,000BTC, and its adoption continues to grow.

Another sign suggesting the end of the correction is the news from CBOE, which announced that it would not issue additional futures. In fact, CBOE was the first institutional group to issue such contracts, and because of the long downtrend, they have decided to stop them for the time being. However, CME will continue business as usual.

IBM is launching an international payment system to enable transparency and reduce the cost of transfers – and this can bring a greater economic opportunity for all.

The ETF is once again in the headlines with another story of bureaucratic red tape, and the whole market is now looking at Bakkt.

Despite the niche nature of the crypto industry, mainstream companies are also looking to warm up in the light of the crypto phenomenon, and many financial institutions are using the hype around Blockchain technologies like the stable currencies issued by the banks.

A tip for such a period of uncertainty about the market direction is to be careful in deciding to buy coins and remember to set a clear goal for each transaction. Of course, if it is for the long-term, it is important to learn about the various currencies and remember that the exchange is not a purse and it is recommended that you do not leave coins there unnecessarily. It is also important to note that even if you believe that we have reached the market floor, it is never worthwhile risking sums that will hurt you to lose.

Bitcoin dominance is approaching 50%, and the Alts continue to rise, similar to the amount of information flowing from all over the world.

Market Data

Market Cap: $140.6 B
24h Vol: $29.5 B
BTC Dominance: 50.8%
BTC: $3,992 %3.7
ETH: $140.8 %4.3
XRP: $0.31 %0

Crypto News

World’s First Global Investment App Abra Expands Support for Ethereum (ETH). Second largest cryptocurrency, Ether, will have new volumes after Abra announced users can now buy and sell directly from their app.

Celer Broke the Binance Launchpad Record – Binance Launchpad has completed another successful token sale – that of Celer Network that broke the record as 39K users applied for the sale. However, the community is disappointed.

Tether Silently Updates Its Terms – USDT May Not Be 100% Backed By FIAT. Tether has added fuel to the fire on speculations that their USDT stablecoin is not 100% backed by fiat. Last week, the project said they are now using other assets, rather than fiat, to back the token.

Google Trends Confirms 2019’s Altcoin Season, But It’s Far From The All-Time High. The bear market has led crypto traders into the second major altcoin season ever. When was the first?

A Glance Into The 2017 ICOs Wild, Wild West.  A member of an ICO team shares a touching story of how they mismanaged investor funds and freely practiced insider trading.

QuadrigaCX Scandal Effects? Canada Proposes a Ban on Cryptocurrency Short Selling and Margin Trading. Following the saga involving QuadrigaCx, regulators in Canada are proposing new changes that will adversely impact crypto trading in the country.

Visa Hiring Blockchain Expert For ‘Visa Crypto.’ Everyone is doing crypto and Visa is tired of just being a spectator, and are listing an opening for a blockchain expert.


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