Crypto Market: Golos +371%, bZx/Chainlink Partner, On-Chain Analysis etc.

Top Gainer Of The Week, Golos (GOLOS) Up By 371%

A licensed “forked” version of the Steemit platform – Golos (GOLOS) gained over 371% in the last week. It specially caters to the Russian community. Similar to Steemit, in the sense that users are rewarded with the platform’s native GOLOS tokens for popular content. The network uses DPOS (Delegated Proof Of Stake) algorithm and is based on Graphene codebase.

bZx Protocol Will Integrate Chainlink

After the recent “exploiting” accident, bZx protocol team retweeted a picture with “more news is coming soon” message, from bZx CEO Tom Bean account, in which he can be seen with the Chainlink team. It is highly likely to mean that bZx protocol will integrate Chainlink – a decentralized Oracle service, which connects smart contracts with real-world data. This move will likely reinforce defenses against the earlier seen manipulation, in the future. Soon, the protocol is also expected to transition to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) contract.

7/ More news is coming soon— bZx (@bzxHQ) February 15, 2020

IOTA Network Is Still Not Working Normally, More Information To Come

IOTA team announced that they have found the exploit and are working on a strategy to fix it. The platform’s operation has still not resumed properly and more information will be published soon by the team. The incident and the subsequent response, raises serious questions on the level of decentralization and security of the IOTA network. The decentralized networks, by their definition, should be permission-less and trustless. The interference by the team proves that it isn’t the case here.

Update: After successfully finding the exploit, the team is currently working on a strategy to mitigate any further risk for token holders and resume complete network operations. More information will be published soon:— IOTA (@iotatoken) February 14, 2020

Coinmarketcap Introduces On-Chain Analysis Feature

Leading price aggregator and analytics platform Coinmarketcap released a new “on-chain analysis” feature for crypto-assets. Its highly useful and provides a variety of signals indicating multiple things.

1. Holders Making Money At Current Price – Calculated from a comparison of average price of the asset when purchased and current price to determine what percentage of the holders are even, in profit and at loss.

2. Concentration By Large Holders – The total holding of whales and investors determined by the addresses which hold 0.1% – >1% of the asset’s circulating supply.

3. Holders Composition By Time Held – The percentage of addresses which have held the asset over a period of 1 year, between 1-12M and <1M.

4. Transactions Greater Than 100,00K – The number of transactions which transacted over $100K value over a period of 7 days.

5. Transaction Demographics – The number of transactions occurring during western trading times (10 AM – 10 PM UTC) and eastern trading times (10 PM – 10 AM UTC) for the last 14 days.

New data set is on CoinMarketCap!Check it out and let us know your favorite insight! 😁— CoinMarketCap (@CoinMarketCap) February 16, 2020

Binance Will Launch NEO/USDT Futures Tomorrow

Binance is all set to launch NEO/USDT future perpetual contract upto 50X leverage on Feb 17. The digital exchange giant has stepped up development into its “Binance Futures” platform, listing multiple prominent crypto-assets continuously in the last few weeks.

#Binance Futures Will Launch @NEO_Blockchain $NEO/USDT Perpetual Contract With Up to 50x Leverage— Binance (@binance) February 16, 2020

BitTorrent Announces Milestone Of Reaching 700K Monthly Active Users

The BitTorrent official twitter handle announced today that BitTorrent Speed has reached 700K monthly active users and 195K daily active users. The platform is also having 28K fresh installs a day and an average user using the application 4.3 in a 24 hour period. BitTorrent speed allows users to earn BitTorrent (BTT) tokens in exchange for sharing files on the internet. It allows for much faster speeds and availability of files over traditional un-incentivized file sharing protocols.

#BitTorrentSpeed Data

In this week, #BitTorrentSpeed has 700K monthly active users and 195K daily active users. It also has 28K fresh installs a day. And an average users opens the application 4.3 times within one day.🥳#TRX #BTT $TRX $BTT— BitTorrent Inc. (@BitTorrent) February 15, 2020

Steemit Migrates To Tron Blockchain

Initially on EOS, Steemit platform entered into a partnership with Tron Foundation recently. It will complete its migration to the Tron blockchain. Steemit is a social networking decentralized app (DApp) which incentivizes the users to create and share content. It has over 500K on-chain users and 8M user monthly traffic, according to analytics.

STEEMIT2.0#TRON and #Steemit leading in a new era of decentralized social networking.

Join me @OfficialDLive ( at 9:00AM, Feb 15 (PST).

Let’s talk about Steem #Dapps migration, $STEEM token swap, giveaways to #TRX users and a new accelerator program.— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) February 14, 2020

Great hustle! @justinsuntron👍🚀@steemit is a leading dapp that has over 500K on-chain users & 8M monthly traffic.

See other 90+ #Dapps on @SteemNetwork to join @Tronfoundation at

See Steem dapp market at $STEEM $TRX— (@dapp_com) February 16, 2020

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