CryptFillCoin – Maximizing Rewards of Commercial Traders

CryptFillCoin - Maximizing Rewards of Commercial Traders

 CryptFillCoin is a blockchain-centric platform that is programmed and developed to offer users an affordable way of sending, receiving, and storing various cryptocurrencies via a secure environment. The platform offers companies as well as individuals the ability to generate invoices and create multi-currency wallets. Furthermore, the CFC also works towards bringing cryptocurrency to the commercial  market in order to mitigate the following inefficiencies :

  • Limitations in using certain currencies beyond particular geographical borders   
  • Inadequate opportunities to obtain profits
  • High bank charges on the purchase of goods and services and various transactions
  • Lack of availability of factors of currencies

CFC operates on a decentralized approach that envisions to open commercial market to the potentials of cryptocurrency trading. It enables businesses to seamlessly exchange fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies and vice versa. By leveraging blockchain technology, the platform intends to develop a trustworthy and secure environment that facilitates effective and efficient operations.

A Secure Storing Space

CryptFillCoin acts like a bank wherein, it offers users a secure platform to trade on with benefits such as zero fee storage, free transfers, interest on stored assets, complete security, etc. while ensuring steady access to funds. Furthermore, the multi-server cold wallet system provides maximum protection to users’ funds and ascertains the availability of free services. Moreover, the team spins a different server on a daily basis to provide a new and completely different location for the users’ cold wallets to be stored in.

CryptFillCoin (CFC) Token

CryptFillCoin (CFC) has already launched its token sale that will continue till December 30th, 2018. In its first ICO, the platform has offered 10,000,000 CFC and the value of 1 CFC is set at USD 0.3. At present, CryptFillCoin accepts multiple coins that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and CFC tokens, and intends to introduce more coins in the future.

Key Features of CryptFillCoin

CryptFillCoin has a fair share of fundamental and unique features that set it apart from other crypto platforms:-

  • Potential to convert multiple currencies
  • Trade and swap coins with other users
  • Store and disperse coins safely and securely
  • Option to privatize or publicize users account
  • Send or receive invoices and accept payment from numerous sources
  • Instant processing of transactions

CryptFill Investment

CryptFill investment aims to optimize users with opportunities to earn greater profits through their investments on the platform. Some of the essential features of CryptFill Investment are:

  • Offers average monthly return of 33.3%
  • Regular updates for earnings
  • Prompt payment policy
  • Guaranteed returns on trading

CryptFill Insurance

CryptFillCoin adheres to the highest security standards in order to offer a safe and secure trading environment. Furthermore, if there is an incident of theft or fraud, the platform ensures to recover the concerned user’s funds. However, the event should occur within the system and under the terms of the specific transactions.  

CryptFillCoin – Uplifting the Commercial Marketplace

CryptFillCoin has developed the most cost-effective and streamlined way to monopolize the use of cryptocurrencies in the commercial trading ecosphere. The platform offers both, individuals as well as enterprises the ability to generate invoices, send and receive payments, with the adoption of multi-currency wallets, in order to facilitate efficient trading and gain substantial profits in return.

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