Come on board as a Jubiter Affiliate and start Making Money

Come on board as a Jubiter Affiliate and start Making Money

Why are so many people excited by Bitcoin? For a long time, the top Wall Street and High Street banks have made all the money. Now, you can come on board as a Jubiter affiliate and start making your own money.

Financial Industry

When the “Too Big To Fail” (TBTF) banks were threatened, the politicians warned that the entire Capitalist system would collapse if the banks weren’t bailed out. Why? Because money is needed by individuals, corporations, and governments to function properly.

Now, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are threatening to replace the entire traditional banking system. The Bitcoin blockchain offers a faster, more transparent money transaction system that is perfect for the Digital Age. The Jubiter Bitcoin trading platform is inviting you to become an affiliate, so you can share in the profits.

Can Bitcoin Succeed?

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency industry leader. Even, the top global banks are becoming involved with Bitcoin. They know that Bitcoin is an efficient digital money system.

Jubiter Affiliate Program

Our Jubiter trading platform will pay you as an affiliate for any traffic that you send our way. The process is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

  • Sign Up
  • Advertise
  • Earn

We will provide you with banners, logos, landing pages, and HTML email templates. This can help you create the means for visitors to connect with our website. We have already tested the templates and will only make the top-converting creatives available to you.

How can you track your statistics?

Real-time tracking will include CR, CTR, and eCPC. You can track all of your conversions on your Jubiter comprehensive tracking dashboard.

How often am I paid?

Once you reach the minimum payout of $200, you will qualify for bi-weekly payments.

What payment plans are available?

We have three different payment plans to choose from: Revenue Share, Hybrid or CPA. You can choose payment in Bitcoin, USD or EUR. All three payment methods require usage of a 365-day cookie.

What are the differences between these payment plans?

The Revenue Share is 20% on transactions fees. This is a lifetime commission.

The Hybrid is 10% revenue sharing + $10 CPA per transactions and action. This is a lifetime commission.

The CPA is $25 per action and only available for new users. This includes real-time tracking.

Why should I choose the Jubiter affiliate program?

The Jubiter Bitcoin trading platform accepts worldwide traffic. We offer a custom commission structure for top performing affiliates. You can choose from 3 different payment plans.

We offer a 2-tier affiliate referral program. You can enjoy account management support using Skype and Email. We provide you with the proven templates that can deliver significant traffic.

Come on board. Welcome to the Jubiter affiliate program. Start making money today.

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