CoinVenue Platform Review: Everything You Need to Know

featured – Coinvenue is a comprehensive crypto trading platform which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to find a better price to execute your trades. The solution collects market information from the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and then delivers the data to the platform’s frontend in the fastest way possible. In fact, for some exchanges, Coinvenue displays data updates quicker than the exchanges themselves.

Coinvenue platform provides a comprehensive technical analysis interface which enables the user to connect and trade on a variety of trading accounts from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges using their API keys. This enables the user to easily place orders and track their crypto portfolio in one convenient interface.

Coinvenue is a startup based in San Francisco. The company is founded by professionals in the field of trading finance, and their main goal is to target the primary pain point in cryptocurrencies trading.

At first, the goal of the platform was to provide users with a one-stop-shop for those who trade on different exchanges and to provide a means for connected accounts and convenient portfolio tracking. However, as the concept evolved, the company realized that it could provide a lot more to the user. One of the main goals of CoinVenue is to increase profitability for users.

Features of Coinvenue’s Platform

As well as providing an all-in-one solution for traders using different cryptocurrency exchanges, it also brings a range of different features.

Multichart Mode: The platform provides support for multi-chart mode, which allows users to change the layout of the charts in just one click. This mode supports up to 6 charts in a single layout.

Linked Charts: The platform also enables users to link the charts to an instrument that the user selects in the terminal workspaces.

How to Use Coinvenue

Using Coinvenue isn’t that challenging at all. Registering shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes, and then you can go ahead and start adding the exchanges that you are currently using. Once you log in, on the top navigation menu you have to select the “Accounts” button, which will get you to this screen:


As you can see, based on the exchange that you want to add, you’d have to input different information such as your account name, API key, secret key, and in some instances – client ID and passphrase.

From there, you can head back to the main interface, which looks like this:


On the top navigation menu, right below the main navigation bar, you can see all the different tools that you can take advantage of.

On the right bar, you can see the cryptocurrency pairs that you can monitor and engage with.

At the bottom, there is a bar which contains your current exchanges, order history, and active orders.

Coinvenue Rewards

Every single market order placed through Coinvenue’s terminal qualifies for rewards.

A reward on Coinvenue is the difference between the price requested when placing the market order and the price when the venue sends it to an exchange. 95% of the market orders that Coinvenue sends are at the same or an even better price than the one that the trader has requested.

The way Coinvenue does this is by using an artificial intelligence algorithm which predicts the next direction of the asset. Based on this algorithm, Coinvenue holds the market order while it attempts to process it at a better price.

Historically, the price that Coinvenue sends an order was better with margins of $0.5 – $3 USD per trade.

If Coinvenue sends your market order at a better price than you’ve requested, the reward is going to be negative, and you will make a positive difference on your exchange account.

However, if the price is worse when Coinvenue sends your market order, the reward amount will become positive. Positive balances can be withdrawn.

It’s worth noting, however, that the reward system at Coinvenue is currently only available at BitMEX and when trading the XBT-USD pair.

How to Enable Rewards in Coinvenue’s Terminal

Turning on the rewards function is fairly simple. As soon as you log in, there is a navigation menu on top where you click the “Profile” button.


On the right side, you’ll see a three-item menu, and you’d have to click on “Rewards.” From there, it’s necessary to accept the Rewards program policy, and you are pretty much ready.



Coinvenue brings a very interesting approach to cryptocurrency trading, facilitating the user beyond what’s usually expected.

Not only does the platform go above and beyond to provide a fairly seamless interface and a range of technical tools, but it also makes sure to increase its users’ profits as much as possible.

People who trade regularly are well aware that $3 additional profit on 95% of the trades is a huge deal.

At the same time, it’s worth noting that the interface does feel a bit more advanced than expected. Novice users are likely to have a slightly harder time getting used to it.

Apart from that, the platform is simple, clean, and incredibly straightforward – something that every trader is likely to be looking for.

For more info – CoinVenue platform.

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