China Publishes A Renewed List Of The Best Blockchains

The Chinese blockchain research institute, a division of the Center for Information and Industry Developement (CCID), publishes a ranking of what it thinks are the best blockchains at unregular intervals. The most recent one is the 19th of these publications which have been going on for over a year. The last publication happened in April 2020.

The ranking distributes points to different blockchains based on: Basic-tech, Applicability, and Creativity.

Here are their top 5:

5. NEO

NEO is often described as being the Chinese Ethereum. Previously known as ANT-Shares, it was founded in 2014 and re-branded as NEO in 2017. The coin created a lot of hype in 2017 and rose to the top 20 of cryptocurrencies by market cap. Last year, NEO announced the implementation of a new consensus mechanism, known as dBFT 2.0. The project supports smart contracts, like Ethereum. NEO is currently ranked on #21 on Coingecko.

CCID’s rating:

  • Basic-tech: 72 points
  • Applicability: 27,7 points
  • Creativity: 10,4 points
  • Total Index: 110,1

4. Tron

Tron is a dPoS project. The software for the network’s node is developed for the most part in China. Justin Sun is the CEO of the Tron foundation, and mostly known in the crypto world for his excessive marketing. Tron figured on the #2 spot in the last ranking, and had to cede 2 spots to fall to #4. Tron is currently on rank #17 on Coingecko.

CCID’s rating:

  • Basic-tech: 87,3 points
  • Applicability: 28,4 points
  • Creativity: 18,7 points
  • Total Index: 134,4


IOST is the biggest winner in the Top 5. The project was still on #5 in the last ranking, and was able to jump up 2 spots. IOST is a smart contract supporting platform, based on the Proof of Believability (PoB) consensus mechanism. PoB is a variation of Proof of Stake with additional criteria to determine the influence of individual nodes. IOST is currently on rank #110 on Coingecko.

CCID’s rating:

  • Basic-tech: 111,9 points
  • Applicability: 20,3 points
  • Creativity: 2,8 points
  • Total Index: 135

2. Ethereum

Ethereum was also able to gain one spot on the ranking. Ethereum is the first blockchain that brought Turing complete decentralized programs (Smart Contracts) to the blockchain world. Today, the majority of DeFi-platforms are building on Ethereum. Ethereum currently has the biggest developer community in the blockchain domain, even though the project is struggling with scaling issues. These issues should soon be solved with Ethereum 2.0. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization.

CCID’s rating

  • Basic-tech: 76,9 points
  • Applicability: 29,8 points
  • Creativity: 30,3 points
  • Total Index: 137,1

1. EOS

EOS is still ranked on number 1. EOS has kept the top spot since the beginning of this ranking. EOS is a dPoS blockchain whose node software (EOSIO) is being developed by Daniel Larimer, who is also considered to be the father of Bitshares and Steem. A specialty of EOS is the high data throughput of the network and its own resources model, which relies on the possession of resources (staked EOS, CPU, Network, RAM) instead of charging fees to use the network. Probably the most important development on EOS at the moment is the social media platform Voice.

CCID’s rating:

  • Basic-tech: 105,4 points
  • Applicability: 20,4 points
  • Creativity: 22,7 points
  • Total Indec: 148,4

Additional info on the ranking

Here is the ranking up until the 37th spot:

China CCID Blockchain ranking
China’s CCID Blockchain ranking

Like in the last ranking, Butcoin landed on spot #14, and IOTA on spot #37.

Trotz der einzelnen Bewertungskriterien ist das Ranking ziemlich undurchsichtig. Es ist nicht bekannt, wie genau es zu den Punktezahlen kommt. Deshalb verschafft das Ranking ein relativ subjektives Bild.

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