CEX.IO Will Hold an Online Discussion About the Future of Crypto

On August 19th, at 3 PM (BST), CEX.IO will bring financial and digital assets leaders together in an online conference to discuss the future of institutional investors in the crypto industry. Konstantin Anissimov, as an Executive Director of CEX.IO, will be joined by the experts: 

  • Graham Rodford — CEO & Co-Founder of Archax
  • Haydn Jones — Director & Senior Blockchain Market Specialist at PwC
  • John Paul Clothier — Vice President, Card & Money Movement Europe at FIS.

The webinar will be held under the headline “What needs to happen in crypto to garner more favor with institutional investors?”. Within the discussion the panelists will talk about: 

  • the attitudes of main market players towards digital assets
  • the expectations of institutional investors concerning crypto assets
  • their influence on the development of the crypto industry
  • the  prospects of the crypto industry in 2022-2023 

This topic is of key importance and relevance in 2021 as even traditional financial institutions, such as Bank of America, J. P. Morgan, and Goldman Sachs have begun offering their wealthy clients cryptocurrency-oriented services and products. Furthermore, the most recent reports confirm this tendency, showing that reserves of crypto assets are decreasing because of the growing demand from institutional investors.

We look forward to this online conference and believe that it will provide an excellent opportunity for business leaders to discuss the main trends that will shape this market’s landscape in the next few years.

To join the episode, follow the registration link here.

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