CEX.IO launches ONG giveaway

Recently, we listed ONT and ONG cryptocurrencies, which are both part of Ontology, a public blockchain protocol and a distributed trust collaboration platform. On August 20, we’re launching a special giveaway of ONG coins! 

During this offer, you can get 50 ONG for purchasing at least 150 ONT for any currency in one order, which is a great way to receive free coins. After making a qualifying purchase, the free ONG will be credited to your CEX.IO account within a few banking days. 

As the bonus ONG coins are limited, the giveaway will last one month (till September 20th) or once 800 people participate. 

Important: Each customer may participate in this offer only once. As ONT and ONG coins are, unfortunately, not available for US residents, CEX.IO customers from the US cannot participate. 

Take advantage of this offer and get 50 ONG for free!

Disclaimer: CEX.IO gives no investment advice; we recommend that you research digital assets on your own before making a purchasing decision. 

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