Capitual: The Cryptobank That Aims To Bring Cryptos To New Horizons

[PRESS RELEASE] While the advances presented by crypto-currencies over standard currencies is known by the community of users and enthusiasts, such knowledge is not available for everybody. Using crypto-currencies still requires some technical practice and understanding at least the basics of how the technology works, in order not to risk the funds.

Another issue faced by crypto-currencies is the need for internet access. Recent statistics show that about half of the world population has no connection to the global network.

Although these barriers make it harder to foresee the so-wanted global acceptance of crypto-currencies, there are some companies that work for reducing the gap between the crypto-economy and the “unblockchained” population.

A startup that is getting attention for addressing this issue is Capitual. The company has built a platform where users can deal with crypto and fiat currencies from a single point.

Easy registration

The process of creating an account on Capitual is too simple: all you need to do is to enter your email address. After it, you are directly taken to your dashboard.

Capitual users dashboard: multiple fiat and crypto-currencies in a single place.


It’s possible to deposit and withdraw using crypto-currencies and bank transfers. The platform offers instant exchanges between the supported currencies, which is quite useful, for example, during a price drop. The platform also offers instant payments in any supported currency. The approach is that you should never worry about which currency you use to pay and which currency the remote part will receive: whenever a currency exchange is needed, it takes place seamlessly.

Facilitated Financial Control

An interesting feature of Capitual is that you can also use your account to receive funds from customers for products and services. This can be done using the “Invoices” menu item. Invoices can be sent to anyone – not only to Capitual users – and will be received through email or SMS. The remote part is able to pay using crypto-currencies or, if the remote part is also a Capitual user, using fiat currencies. Such ease may also be automated by making use of CapPay, which is Capitual’s official payments gateway and may be integrated using its API with e-commerce and applications that receive funds from customers.

Capitual’s exchange window: instant exchange available for fiat and crypto assets


The company’s soon-to-release CapCard is also a game changer: it’s a prepaid credit card that uses the funds at your Capitual account. This way, you will be able to top it up with crypto-currencies and use it to pay for products and services, or even withdraw funds on any ATM machine.

But this is not the only feature that Capitual team is now working for: the project aims to provide POS machines for merchants who want to accept crypto-currencies on their physical stores, place ATM machines at locations that haven’t been awarded which such technology yet and provide SMS banking for users who are out of internet coverage but want to make or receive transfers, in any supported currency.

Check it out by creating an account at

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