BREAKING NEWS – US Chaos lifts Bitcoin Prices to new ALL-TIME HIGHS

If you are someone who knows Donald Trump, you would expect that he is someone who HATES losing. As his final days loom across the US, and as the transfer of power was taking place, Trump supporters rushed the Capitol and destroyed everything on their way in. In tandem, cryptocurrencies witnessed a huge lift in prices, particularly Bitcoin Price which gained 6% within a few hours.

Protesters who broke inside the US Capitol were met by police task forces

Donald Trump throwing his last bullets

THE U.S. CAPITOL was overtaken Wednesday by supporters of President Donald Trump, who, spurred on by his comments and angered by his loss, breached police lines, forced their way into the building, inside lawmakers’ offices and onto the Senate floor in a bid to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

Protesters rioted in the halls of the Capitol, shattering glass, looting, and destroying offices. Some forced their way into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s offices. In the House chamber, law enforcement drew their guns and pointed them at the doors to the chamber as protesters attempted to break inside.

Trump remained relatively silent during the first couple hours of the siege, tweeting two tepid messages asking demonstrators to “stay peaceful” but not to leave the Capitol. Around 4:20, more than two hours after the unrest began and as demonstrators remained in and around the Capitol, Trump tweeted a video in which he repeatedly and again said the election was stolen. But he told demonstrators to “go home.”

Cryptocurrency market affected POSITIVELY

As the cryptocurrency market is open 24/7, big news such as today’s unrest affected the cryptocurrency market, and Bitcoin prices, in particular, registered new all-time highs. When there’s financial unrest, investors tend to divert their holdings away from the chaos, and into more stable investments. The US currently is basically a circus show…From the bad handling of the Corona Virus to the excessive Dollar printing, to the inflated equity markets….and to top it all off, a bad transition of presidents.

BTC/USD 1-hour chart showing Bitcoin’s price increase in parallel with the US chaos
Fig.1 BTC/USD 1-hour chart showing Bitcoin’s price increase in parallel with the US chaos –

Bitcoin currently needs LESS than USD 4,000 to reach the USD 40,000 price mark, and that’s something very doable for Bitcoin.

BTC/USD 1-hour chart showing Bitcoin eyeing USD 40,000
Fig.2 BTC/USD 1-hour chart showing Bitcoin eyeing USD 40,000 –

If current events continue to escalate, Bitcoin will easily reach USD 40,000 and even reach the anticipated price of USD 50,000 before the end of Q1.

Bitcoin’s current stats:

  • Current Price: USD 36,245
  • Crypto Market Dominance: 68.4%
  • 24 hours: + 7.7%
  • Market Cap: USD 673.8 Billion

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