Blockchainer Forum 2018 Shanghai China

The forum will tackle the blockchain technology development, application and investment and other aspects of exchanges to open the doors for blockchain development promotion, future use, infrastructure, and game development.

This forum brings along blockchain infrastructure (such as public chain, data storage, exchange, security service, wallet and etc.), financial institutions (banks, insurance, payment agencies, Supply chain financial institutions, etc.), as well as  blockchain game industry participants (blockchain games, chain sports platforms, blockchain game development programs, chain-based asset creation management trading platforms, chain travel distribution channels and communities, etc.) from dozens of countries and regions including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, USA and Europe.

Some of the well-known media will cover the whole event in the industry, which will be highlighting the “industry evaluation” event that honors outstanding and innovative companies and projects in the blockchain industry this year.

For more info, visit the official conference website.


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