went Down – WHAT TO DO during such periods?

Update: After 12 hours of investigations, is currently BACK ONLINE and users can access their accounts and wallets again. This exchange/wallet provider lets users store cryptocurrencies in wallets, swap and trade cryptocurrencies.

Amidst the crypto market uptrend on the 9th of March 2021, users were trying to access their accounts. They tried to take advantage of the uptrend that happened, but in vain. In turn, logging in from the mobile app gave users the following error: “Unable to connect to server, please try again later”.

On the other hand, trying to login from the webapp gives no error whatsoever. Users were left behind wondering if it was a bug from their end, with no warning or error message displayed. The login button just stopped working.

Email sent about wallet outage
Email sent about wallet outage

How to stay up-to-date about Website shutdowns?

You’d think that the company would directly send all its users about a potential disturbance when using their website. But no, you’d have to willingly go to their website, scratch your head trying to figure out if the website is REALLY down or it’s an internet problem from your end.

In order to sign up to their “Web-Status mailing list”, you need to go to this website, and add your phone number with your email to receive notifications.

Wallet outage problems - Major Wallet Outage – Major Wallet Outage

How NOT to run into similar situations?

It is advisable to always have several accounts with different platforms. Consequently, you’ll never depend on only one company and can directly continue trading with another account.

On the other hand, another solid crypto broker is Binance, which had minor downtime in recent months.

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