Block.One’s Decentralized Social Media Voice To Launch On July 4th

The last year saw a lot of crypto controversies with various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This led to a serious call for a decentralized solution where no single authority will have the capacity to censor content.

In an attempt to answer some of these calls, the publisher of EOS,, announced the development of Voice – a blockchain-based social media platform intended to deliver transparency and to put the control back in users.

What is Voice?

Voice is a blockchain-based social media app that is supposedly going to be more transparent than conventional platforms. It is also intended to put the control back in the hands of the users. It’s being built on top of the EOS Public Blockchain, running on the EOSIO protocol.

This will supposedly make all the interactions on Voice public, hence delivering the much-needed transparency.

Earlier this year, the platform received a serious investment of $150 million from Reportedly, that’s intended to allow the social media app to function independently.

Launching In a Month

In a recent Twitter thread, Salah Zalatimo, the CEO of Voice, said that the platform will be launched on July 4th – slightly ahead of schedule. However, at that point, “only registered users will be able to publish or engage. Registration will remain by request until August 15th, when users can begin to invite their friends.”

The platform has been in its beta testing since February 14th, and as such, those who have taken part in it would be able to experience it from earlier on. The rest would have to wait until August.

The Calls For Decentralization

Complaints about social media censorship over the cryptocurrency field have been increasing substantially throughout the past year.

One of the most popular cases is that of crypto YouTubers who saw their videos and accounts flagged and even taken down by the platform. People argued that even though their content is in no way in breach of YouTube’s ToS, the platform had taken it down anyways. YouTube initially claimed it was an error but the same thing happened again a few more times.

Featured image courtesy of Voice

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