Bitfoliex Launches Referral Program with Increased Rewards $ benefits

Nowadays companies are seeking to expand their businesses with different marketing strategies taking advantage of the available online tools. Utilizing these tools allows the users to optimize their budget and acquire more touchpoints, and make more users. An important marketing strategy that is acquiring a lot of power in digital channels is a referral program. It is demonstrated that the results obtained with these kinds of referral programs are much more significant.

Digital currency and blockchain is an emerging field and has great potential in the future. We can see the popularity of digital currency growing every day and new people are coming to join different crypto tools for trading crypto. There are many crypto companies that offer attractive deals and commission to convince their existing users for referring new customers to them. Earning a passive income through promoting crypto companies is a good idea for bloggers, YouTubers, and social media marketers who are spreading blockchain awareness. In this article, we will discuss the most popular and best cryptocurrency, bitfoliex referral program to start earning through affiliate marketing. launched its referral program with its increased rewards and benefits. Traxalt in alliance with bitfoliex recently announced that program on 22nd June 2020. This was the most awaited news for the Bitfoliex exchange community, as it is a chance to start living and sharing the Bitfoliex experience. The main objective of the referral program is to grow and strengthen the bitfoliex community so that it has more chances to become a stable coin. The program continues in bitfoliex once it is listed for trading in bitfoliex wallets because it is most secure and user-friendly digital wallets available in digital world.

The Referral Program is basically consists of inviting new members to join bitfoliex and opening and verifying their account through a referral code, and in return, they will get reward in the form of coins airdrop as a welcome reward. The main message of the Referral Program is sharing an experience with digital currency, so the person who invites a new member will also receive the currency airdrop as a reward. Mostly, it is a win-win experience.

The procedure of using this referral program is:-

  • Log in to your account
  • Enter 2FA
  • Activate your stellar wallet
  • Click referral program
  • Click generate invite code
  • Verify your account (It may take 24 hours)
  • Copy the code or invite link
  • Check the users that have used the code

The Bitfoliex community had an increase in its users during this month that the Referral program was active. So the main goal of the program is to grow the community even bigger and stronger. 

Presently, it’s hard to find a decent cryptocurrency affiliate program with fair conditions, especially when it comes to buying crypto and bitcoin at a trusted and licensed exchange platform. But that’s not the case with bitfoliex.  The most important thing which makes us different is that you get double profit from your primary and secondary referrals. The program is completely performance-based, whereas an extensive affiliate network means a substantial additional source of income. The accrual is automatic and you can withdraw your referral earning at any time without any inconvenience. And the most important thing is that the number of new or existing referrals is unlimited. Therefore you have got an incredibly powerful instrument to make easy money without having sector-specific marketing knowledge.

Bitfoliex referral program is a rare opportunity for profit. You can watch your growing referral earnings in the Affiliate Dashboard as your network of referrals blooms. Be you are a crypto trader or a die-hard crypto adept, you can increase your affiliate network through bitfoliex referral program and join the mainstream in the crypto sphere. It is fast, free of charge and doesn’t require any special knowledge to proceed.

If you want to join the bitfoliex community and want to get advantages through the Referral Program, you can get your referral code by following the step-by-step procedure mention above.

Let’s work together and remember, the more we share, the more we have.

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